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20 archaeological sites in al-Tabqa are part of a comprehensive restoration plan


AL-RABQA- Directorate of Tourism and Antiquities Protection in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa region continues to uncover the archaeological sites in al-Tabqa city and its countryside in order to restore the monuments and provide protection.

The Directorate of Tourism and Antiquities Protection identified the archaeological sites in the region, which reached 20 sites in city and its villages (Jaaber citadel, Jabal al-Sun, Tal Sweihat, Tal al-Abd, Tal al-Jaraniya, Tal Othman, Tal Halawa, Al-Rusafa, Tal Mansoura, Tall Al-Thadain, Abuhuraira, Tall Al-Quseir, Suweihat landfills, Tal Al-Maslouba).selwa

According to the Co-chair of the Directorate of Tourism and Antiquities Protection Salwa Janabi, “the site of (Al-Sura) located in the village of Hammam, 30 km east of al-Tabqa city contains several Roman baths of the second century AD and is currently the establishment of a study to restore the site and beautify within Future plan.”

This archeological site has been subjected to systematic sabotage by IS mercenaries, of digging and re-loading of these monuments in accordance with their policy, which obliterated all kinds of civilization and culture and the survey of the human memory of peoples who passed through the region under their false fatwas, which classified the monuments under the name of “idols”.

It is worth mentioning that the Directorate of Tourism and Antiquities Protection carried out a number of repairs to the archaeological Citadel of Jaaber, which included the three main doors and the trenches and pits surrounding the fortress, which were created by IS mercenary.