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2017 is historic turning point for women in northern Syria


27.12.2017 08:30   Headline, Panorama, Women


NEWS DESK-Women’s experience in northern Syria, became a model of great importance to be transferred to whole of Syria, and worked to mobilize and unite their efforts within the joint activities to get Syria to safety and democracy. Another year has passed since the women’s revolution in north Syrian, where the participation of women has become the cornerstone of community management and organization.

In this report, we will view the most important developments and achievements of women in North Syria in 2017 on the political, military, economic, social and cultural levels.

Politically… conferences and events in which women have proven their political existence

After the introduction of the federalism as a political solution to whole of Syria, which will secure the rights and freedoms of all peoples living in northern Syria, and will be a model to be followed by all Syrians. Women were able to take the lead in building this system in which women’s freedom and existence were a fundamental principle in the political system of northern Syria.

Women’s events held in March 1 began with the First Conference of Women’s Free Diplomas at Dejla Center for Culture and Democratic Art in Dêrek city.

In March, women’s organization of Democratic Union Party held its conference at different times over all of the third regions.

Women’s efforts were united to hold the founding conference of Syrian Women’s Council in September 8 in Manbij city, attended by 202 women representing parties, organizations, foundations, federations and independent personalities from North Syrian.

The aim of the conference was to empower women to contribute to resolving the crisis in Syria through democratic dialogue. At that conference, Lena Barakat was elected as the official representative of the Syrian Women’s Council and Siham Qariou and Lauren Ibrahim were elected as deputies.

The 7th Congress of the Democratic Unionist Party (PYD) was held in September27-28 and Aisha Hassou was elected as the party’s successor to Asia Abdullah.

On December 22, the first consultative meeting of Kurdish women was held overall Rojava, with the participation of 210 Kurdish women representing women in the regions of northern Syria, at Dejla Center for Culture and Art in Dêrek city. The meeting concluded with a number of resolutions, Third, the consultative meeting of Kurdish women, taking the “science of women” mainly in all areas, the system of co-chair becomes the basis for all organizations.

Militarily … The military scene was topped by al-Raqqa liberation campaign

Women in north of Syria, through their participation in carrying arms, have demonstrated a role model for all women in the world. Women fighters within Women’s Protection Units have emerged as the leading battlegrounds in the face of mercenaries.

in February 10, Manbij Military Council inaugurated the first academy for training of women within, Roxan martyr Academy.

in April 2, Second Conference for the Women’s Protection in Afrin region was held with the participation of 350 delegates, in which seven women’s committees were elected to the Council for the Protection of Women.

The liberation campaign was a strategic and ideological challenge to the fighters in which they played an active leadership role in liberating women from the grip of mercenaries, and rehabilitating Yazidî women by liberating dozens women and children.

As the Arab women demonstrated their willingness to join YPJ, the liberation campaign culminated in the formation of two battalions of young girls who had participated strongly in the hostilities. A battalion of YJŞ women’s units participated in the campaign in order to join the battle of vengeance.

It was necessary to establish a joint defense mechanism for women and to develop the organization of the joint defense and to ensure its continuity and work to create a common defense mechanism for women. In this regard, in April 2-3, the Forum for Protection and Women for Women’s Forces in the Middle East was held in city of Kobani, in the presence of 160 representatives from 16 military women forces.

Economically … Opening economic projects and the contract conference of economy of women

Women achieved successful steps in 2017 in order to develop and flourish in northern Syria in order to achieve food security. They worked to protect the society, rely on self-sufficiency, and consolidate the concept of community economy on the principle of ecology and non-monopoly.

Women are considered to be the spirit that links society and the economy, and the basis for consolidating the concept of the community economy. In June 15, the first conference of the women’s economy in northern Syria was held, attended by 150 delegates from all regions of northern Syria. Conference decisions constitute a coordinated formation of the women’s economy in northern Syria.

In early October, al-Tabqa Women’s Council opened a women’s tailoring workshop to strengthen the popular heritage of women.

In November 20, the Women’s Committee in Manbij opened a center for women’s economy in the city to be a gathering point for launching plans to activate women’s role in the economic field during a ceremony attended by dozens of women from Manbij and its countryside.

Since the social economy depends mainly on cooperatives, women have set up a number of cooperatives to have at least one district and at least one cooperative city.

This year, Kongra Star in Kobani formed three women’s cooperatives with 100 women, who invested 168 hectares of agricultural land.

In an effort to support the economy of women and to have their own economy to achieve co-existence between women and men. Four cooperative societies were formed in the field of agriculture. In the beginning of 2017, cooperative societies began to grow wheat and cultivate vegetables of all kinds

Social .. Equal management of society with men within communes and councils

In order to achieve social justice between both sexes, women from all parts of society took their place and took the lead in all fields. The co-chair system, which has been applied in all areas of life, is based on a participatory life between the sexes in society.

Women also wrote their own histories through their participation in the co-chair elections of the Communes of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria held on 22 September. In the first stage of the elections for the presidency of the queens, in al-Jazeera region the number of voters 437,142 thousand voted for (7,687) candidates competed for (2,551) communes, won the co-chair 2,551 women.

As for the Euphrates, the number of voters was 135611 thousand voted for (3192) candidates competed for (849) communes won the co-chair 849 women.

In region of Afrin, the number of voters (155,697) voted for (1,440) candidates competed for (415) communes and won the co-chair 415 women.

In the second stage of the democratic federal elections of northern Syria to elect local councils (towns, districts, cantons) the number of women candidates in al-Jazeera canton 2,902, won 1,451 women.

In the Euphrates region, the total number of female candidates in local council elections was 545, with 477 women winning.

In the Afrin region, the total number of female candidates was 726 and the winners were 588.

The role of the family in developing children in the future, and in the knowledge that the language is the language of the mother, so that more than takes place and plays an important role in the training and education of future generations are teachers, where women work more than 70% in the education sector.

By the beginning of the school year 2017-2018, more than 11 thousand teachers were studying in the schools of al-Jazeera region, and the number of teachers in the Euphrates region 1,743 teachers, and in the region of Afrin, the number of teachers 1,435 teachers.

While the Education Committee of the democratic society at the beginning of the current academic year to introduce the book “Women’s Science” Jinolojî to the curriculum of secondary school.

Women’s organizations in al-Jazeera canton in March 10 inaugurated the first women’s village called JIN WAR( women’s place) during a ceremony attended by representatives of Democratic Federation of North Syria, and dozens of women .

In March 30, Kongra Star, in coordination with the Women’s Bureau of the People’s Assembly in Tel-Koçer, organized the opening ceremony of a women’s garden on behalf of the Martyr Areen Mirkan Park.

In April 9, the Women’s Free Federation in al-Shehba in Arfad (Tel Rifat) opened an exhibition of pieces and handmade paintings.

In May 1, the Committee for the Training of Democratic Society inaugurated the Martyr Aziz Academy to train teachers from the Arab component overall al-Jazeera region.

With the aim of creating a conscious generation and developing children’s talents and skills and helping working mothers, Star and the Free Women’s Association in Rojava opened 9 kindergartens in northern Syria on separate occasions.

In August 16, the Women’s Research Committee in the Afrin canton of Afrin region opened a Women’s Science Center at an opening ceremony attended by dozens of women. On September 22, it inaugurated a center in Dêrek..

In November17-18, the First Confrontation for Women’s Training in Northern Syria was held at the University of Rojava in Qamişlo. And the presence of 220 delegates from all the cities of northern Syria.

In December 3, SARA launched a branch in the most prominent district of Al Shehba district in Afrin region, aiming to raise women’s awareness and stop violence against them.

In December 19, Al-Raqqa Civil Council opened its “Women’s House” in Karama village in a ceremony attended by members of the city’s institutions, dignitaries of the region and the people of Karama.

In  December 23, the Women’s House in al-Jarniya opened a branch inside the camp in response to the appeal of the women of Al-Tuwaheina camp to reach their freedom.

Culture and art .. Women represented the essence of heritage and culture

Women are working to preserve their heritage and culture because they are the essence of heritage and culture. In January 31, the first conference of Golden Crescent Movement in Afrin canton took place, with participation of 400 members from Afrin and Aleppo.

The Golden Crescent organized in March 8  at the celebration of International Women’s Day in Afrin canton a collection of watercolor images and drawings centered on the reality of women.

In  March13, plastic artists in the town of Tirbê Sipî formed a memorial for Kurdish women expressing their culture and status in institutions, including the Foundation for Culture and Art, as an expression of women’s attachment to culture and art.

In May 23, the second martyr Areen Mirkan Youth Festival, which lasted for four years, was held at the Culture and Art Center in Afrin.

In July 3, with the presence of intellectuals from all the people of the al-Jazeera canton, the founding confederation of the Women’s Cultural Association of the al-Jazeera canton was held at Zana Auditorium in Qamişlo, with the aim of establishing an association for educated women.

Paintings were exhibited at the Art and Culture Center in Afrin canton on September 25, which bore a special character for women. The paintings included symbols of the role of working rural women, women’s liberation from restrictions and paintings that integrate eastern and eastern women.

Culture and Art Center in Afrin canton opened the “Golden Crescent” Center for Women in October 7, in recognition of the continuing supply of women to the foundations of beauty, culture and art.

In October 20, the first conference of the Movement of Culture of the Golden Crescent women in northern Syria was held. At Mohammed Sheikho Center for Culture and Art in Qamişlo.

In 20 November, the Tourism and Antiquities Protection Body of al-Jazeera  canton opened an exhibition at Hoori Center for Culture and Art in Amouda district, to define the role of women throughout the ages to the present day under Rojava Revolution.