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30 Young men join to resistence of age responsed to general alarm


 AL-HASAKAH – In response to general alarm 30 youths from the Democratic Union Party (DUP) are resisting the age after forming a military group they announced today during a ceremony.

30 young men from the Democratic Union Party formed their own group and announced it today, bearing the name of the martyr “Orhan” and going to Afrin canoton to join the resistance of age .

At the ceremony, the young people who were enrolled issued a statement read by (DUP) youth member Djoar Hasaka.

The text of the statement:

Within the framework of the general alarm launched by the people of Kurdistan to defend Afrin canton and to respond to Turkish aggression against the people of the people of Afrin and northern Syria in general “In order to stop and defeat this aggression, we, the Democratic Union Party, announce the formation of the column of the martyr Orhan and head towards the Afrin district to participate alongside With the People ‘s women ‘s Protection Units( YPG, YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in defending our unarmed people in Afrin.

We pledge our people to continue to resist and to confront all forms of injustice and violence to achieve freedom and democracy in all Syrian regions.

We also pledge to follow the path of the martyrs to achieve their goals. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we congratulate the Kurdish fighters on the front lines, which have proved their ability to confront the aggression and struggle for the freedom of society and through them we bless this feast for all women in North Syria