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3rd Children Art Festival ended

GIRKÊ LEGÊ- The activities of the 3rd Children Art Festival concluded by showing the last performances, and honoring the participating groups.GIRKE_DAWIKRNA_MIHRICANA_ZARUKA ‫1 ‫(186319362)‬ ‫‬

On Tuesday evening, the 3rd Children Art Festival activities ended at its 8th day by showing the last art performances.

Hundreds of people, Civil Society institutions’ representatives, the co-chair of the Constituent Council of Democratic North-Syria Federation Mansour al-Salloum and the co-chair of Culture Body in Cizîre canton Berivan Khaled participated in the activities of the last day of the festival.

The co-chair of the Constituent Council on Democratic North-Syria Federation Mansour al-Salloum delivered a speech, and saluted the fighters in fighting fronts and martyrs’ families in the beginning.GIRKE_DAWIKRNA_MIHRICANA_ZARUKA ‫1 ‫(1)‬

Al-Salloum added “I look forward to these buds to drive them to good and make them a glory for generations, keep them away from hatred and bloodshed, and by their efforts, a country where everybody co-exists with one another would be constructed, and the foundations of the democratic nation will be set. In spite of different ethnicities, we are one body. And by our solidarity, we have cleared the holly soil from the abomination of the abhorrent sectarianism.

Then, the last performances of the festival were shown as Diljeen Nergiz group of Aram Tigran Center in Girkê Legê performed a folkloric performance of Amed area heritage while the theater group in Girkê Legê performed a theater performance under the title “The Lost Time”. The last performance; however, was performed by song group in Qamişlo as they performed singing bands.

After that, all the groups that participated in the festival have been honored by presenting them token gifts.GIRKE_DAWIKRNA_MIHRICANA_ZARUKA ‫1 ‫(186319361)‬ ‫‬

The festival’s activities concluded by a song celebration performed by Nûpel Da group in Gold Crescent Movement for Educated Women.

Furthermore, the activities of 3rd Children Art Festival started in September 5 in the hall of Aram Tigran Center for Culture and Art in Rmaylan town in Girkê Legê by the participation of 50 art groups that represent all the components of north of Syria.