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A football league will start next week in Ain Issa camp

GIRÊ SIPÎ- The Youth and Sports Committee in Ain Issa district related to Girê Sipî canton in coordination with Bell organization, has started preparations to open a football league for young people in Ain Issa camp for displaced people.GIRESPI-LISTOKA-FOOTBALL (1)

The meeting was attended by the Co-chair of Sports and Youth Committee Mohammed Al-Hawash, the Co-chair of the camp Jalal Ayaf and a number of members of Bell Organization and dozens of youth camp.

The meeting started with a minute of silence on the martyrs’ souls, Mohammed Al-Hawash “A league opening at Ain Issa camp is a unique step and through the league that will be launched soon, we will prove to the world that we are a people we can live in all circumstances and can overcome them.GIRESPI-LISTOKA-FOOTBALL (2)

The attendees discussed the requirements of the teams participating in the league and coordination of matches and stressed the presence of the need to establish a stadium and secure the clothing for players and equip a referee team with good experience in the field of arbitration.

It should be noted that the league will be attended by 8 teams from the camp which will go for drawing for the league to be begun next week.