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A TV show summarizing struggle of leader Ocelan

AFRIN- The Young Women’s Union and Kongra Star in Sherra district of Afrin canton organized a wide-ranging meeting for the residents to present a TV show summarizing the life and struggle of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.EFRIN-PESKESKIRINA-SINEVIZYON (1)

The meeting was organized in the Hall of Meetings at the Sherra district Center, in the presence of representatives of the for Democratic Society Movement, members of civic institutions, Roj Youth Union and dozens of parents.

The hall was decorated with pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and the martyrs.

The meeting began with a minute of silence. After that, the administrator of the training committee and the democratic society, Rosen Dodkh, gave a speech welcoming the attendees. She then spoke about Ocelan’s fighting life in a brief way. She denounced the international conspiracy that she had pursued. “February 15 is a black day for all peoples living in Middle East, because the leader is the leader of all peoples and humanity, and always seeks solutions to the crisis in the world and the Middle East. “

Dodkh stressed that the leader Abdullah Ocelan was struggling to lift the slavery of oppressed peoples, and that most of the world’s revolutions were not integrated because of the lack of women in it, and thanks to the thought and philosophy of Ocelan, gave the essential role of women.

She added “The approach, thought and philosophy of Ocelan and the application of his theory of creating a democratic society and the brotherhood of peoples is to guarantee true freedom and democracy, and no life without it.”

He then showed a television showing the life of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and the suffering he experienced during his first years of struggle at the hands of the Turkish fascists and the international conspiracy that led to his arrest and imprisonment on the island of Imrali.