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Abdul Kader Hevdili evaluates the 2nd phase of Wrath of Euphrates


AL-RAQQA- Abdul Kader Hevidili SDF commander considered that the 2nd phase of the campaign is distinguished for the noticeable participation by the residents of the liberated villages and called the coalition to increase their support and provide more arms as the number of fighters is increasing.

The commander’s statements came in an interview our agency held with about the 2nd phase of the Wrath of Euphrates operation to liberate the western countryside of al-Raqqa and isolate the city.

Significance of the 2nd phase

Hevidili noted that the fighters during the 2nd phase have liberated a mass distance of 1,300 km2.

The commander pointed out that more forces are joining in the 2nd phase supported by tribes and people, residents of the region joining, more villages were liberated during 10 days.

Hevidili assured that the campaign is making a noticeable progress till now on the military side and people’s support.

Liberated regions residents join the campaign

The commander Abdul Kader Hevidili said that more factions have taken part in the 2nd phase, and because of this a big number of villages was liberated.

The commander assured” we were surprised at the big number joining SDF, we thank the region’s residents for receiving their sons in the SDF and Wrath of Euphrates operation room.

Arms supplied by coalition are not sufficient

Abdul Kader Hevidili touched upon the support of the global coalition and their participation in the 2nd phase of the campaign saying” we have been long cooperating with the global coalition, and at this point they joined us on the ground too, though few numbers, but for arms the coalition is providing, it would not suffice as more fighters are joining.

Al-Raqqa people should be liberating their city

The commander in SDF and Wrath of Euphrates Abdul Kader Hevidili assured that the majority of the fighters in the campaign are al-Raqqa residents who should be liberating their city.