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Abu-Maria Al-Qahtani… Turkey’s compass to Adlib



The sudden Turkish intervention in Adlib surprised many public, local, political and social sides and became the focus questions on how to facilitate the Turkish intervention in the Adlib province without any confrontation, to expand its occupation from Adlib and extends to Hama and coastal areas on the one hand and to the west of Aleppo on the other hand.

Who is Abu Maria and what are his tasks.

Jabhit al-Nusra (mercenaries of Hayet Tehrir al-Sham now) is one of the groups that launched its attacks along with the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sham backed by the Turkish state on the extended border from – Bab al-Salama crossing in Azaz to the areas of Al-Shahba and Aleppo and the Bab al-Hawa crossing in Adlib city.

According to information sites and sources, Abu Maria Al-Qahtani “is al- Iraqi Mayser bin Ali al-Jubouri al-Qahtani, called” Harari ” and his father Ali al-Jubouri al-Qahtani was born in al-Rasif village in Iraq 1976.CETEYEN-IDLIB

He was a fighter within of Saddam Hussein fighters and then joined al-Qaeda in Iraq during the days of Zarqawi. As soon as the Syrian crisis began, he joined the mercenaries under the leadership of Abu Muhammad al-Jolani.

Abu Maria received for a period al-Badia front (Palmyra city) and Abu Maria released the prisoners of the regime for ransom between 2014 and 2015, while Jolani negotiates with the regime officers and take the so-called tribute in exchange for not attack Mahrda city in Hama province.

Abu Maria is the one who helped Turkey occupy Adlib

Sources among the remaining moderate groups in Adlib told our agency that Abu Mariah al-Qahtani was the one who helped Turkey occupy the lands of Adlib province, and said that this is what caused a banner in the ranks of Hayat Tehrir Al- Sham

Where the source said that Jolani rejected Turkey’s intervention in Adlib and disagreements between it and Abu Mariah Al-Qahtani. He said that supporters of Abu Muhammad Al-Julani were stationed in the center of the province. The supporters of Abu Mariah Al-Qahtani are stationed on the borders between Bakur / North Kurdistan and Adlib and Afrin canton.

Role of Abu Maria in killing the leaders of al-Nusra against Turkish intervention

The formation of Abu Maria, a center of the Turkish information, while using them on the subject of intervention in Adlib, and what notable that the liquidation many of al- Nusra earlier, and Abu Maria played prominent role in this liquidation.EBU SALIH TEHAN

A local source which is now in the camp of Atma for the displaced Adlib said that the Turkish occupation army with the help of mercenaries killed prominent leaders of Al-Nusra in different areas after they rejected the Turkish occupation, including Abu Talha, al-Ardoni who was killed in the eastern Adlib, Hassan Bakur who is called Abu Abdul Rahman was killed in Khan Shaykhun, and Mustafa Zahri was killed in Dana in the northern countryside of Adlib.

Names of some al-Nusra leaders that have been liquidated

According to private sources of our agency, the mercenaries of al-Nusra tried to assassinate the leader of one of the factions al-Nusra, Abu Saleh Tahan born in Teftnaz in 1987, where he split two months ago the mercenaries of the Jolani, while al-Nasra tried to assassinate him before.

It is notable that Teftanaz airport was handed over to Turkish army, which was under the control of mercenaries al-Nusra to elements of Turkish occupation army mid last month.