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Afrin ‘s women prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day


AFRIN – A member of the diplomatic relations at Kongra Star in Afrin canton Fatima Likto indicated that they are preparing to hold various events on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, and indicated that women delegations from different countries will participate in the event in Afrin.

Afrin has been under attack by Turkish occupation army and its gangs since 20 January although the women are preparing to hold vairous events on the occasion of the internatioanl Women ‘s day on 8 March

Hawar agency news (ANHA) interviewed with a member of diplomatic relations in Kongra Star Fatima Likto

Fatima Likto said they had set up a program that would include several events, including “Footnotes, Footsteps, and Art Performances” to be held in Afrin.
Fatima noted to said”This year, women from the Middle East and European countries will participate, for the first time, in celebrating the International Women’s Day with some of them on the dust of Afrin. This will give a mosaic panel showing the cohesiveness of Middle East women,” .
” fatima added “On the occasion of this holy day, we call on women’s and international organizations to stand up to the aggression of the brutal Turkish occupation army, which targets Afrin and its women.”

Fatima ended her speech said “In the spirit of the martyrs of freedom and the resistance of the age, we prepare for the day, in a spirit of high morale. We are ready to receive the International Women’s Day, and we affirm our steadfastness and resistance alongside Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in protecting and defending the territories of the canton ,”