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Afrin’s  people: United Nations instead of stopping attacks , are making lies against us



AFRIN-Afrin’s people responded to the UN report on Afrin  “Afrin is our homeland, how will we abandon it? We will remain steadfast against our children in the ranks of YPG and YPJ against the Turkish occupation. The United Nations instead of stopping the Turkish attacks on our land constitutes hostile lies against our fighters.”

Yesterday, the United Nations issued a report claiming that the People’s and Women’s Protection Units prevented the exit of civilians from the canton towards other Syrian areas. In this regard, our agency correspondents met with Afrin residents regarding allegations that they were prevented from leaving.

Suleiman Ibrahim said “We are staying in Afrin canton today to resist the Turkish occupation. We are not leaving our land occupied, and the UN allegations are false about preventing us from leaving canton.”

For his part, Hassan Shikho pointed out that they will stay next to their forces, “we will stay next to our forces resist the attacks of the Turkish occupation army will not leave our land, we are the people of the martyrs and resistance, how to abandon this land?”

The citizen Suleiman Zain said “The United Nations, rather than standing by us and stopping the Turkish attacks on our land, are making lies against our fellow combatants.”

“We are all YPG and YPJ, because they are our sons and we will stand by them in defending our land, because we do not accept the occupation,” she said.

The citizen Refat Haider said “We condemn the United Nations’ claims against our people .We will not go out of Afrin. Afrin is our homeland and we will not give up. If we want to go out, where are we going?”