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Ain Issa camp suffers shortages in health sector, al-Raqqa Council avoiding problem


GIRE SIPI- The administration of Ain Issa camp is working in cooperation with the Civil Council to improve the health situation in the camp after suffering from severe shortage of medicines, lack of medical points, closure of the camp pharmacy and lack of medical care due to the failure of the organizations working in the camp to provide the parents’ needs.GRI SPI-REWŞAKOCBRA (2)

And in Ain Issa camp of Gire Sipi canton infectious diseases have been spread for the large proportion of the camp, which now houses more than 17 thousand displaced from various areas of Syria and neighboring countries, including displaced from al- Raqqa city and some of them from Deir ez-Zor, al-Bu Kamal and refugees from Iraq, now live in Ain Issa camp.

As a result of the lack of health care in the camp by operating organizations in the camp and the scarcity of medicines during the previous period, some diseases such as measles and scabies, which affects children more than the elderly, are between 6 months and 15 years of age.

Deir ez-Zor camp has a higher proportion of casualties than al-Raqqa displaced persons camp.GRI SPI-REWŞAKOCBRA (2)

The measles symptoms, high fever, skin blisters on the skin of the patient and duration of the disease according to the treatment received by the patient, some of which lasts for a week for those receiving treatment and continue for a month or more for those who do not receive appropriate treatment.

Measles and scabies are more contagious diseases where the other person moves directly from air or by using his or her own tools or sharing the affected person’s clothing with the uninfected person. Therefore, when someone is infected, the disease is transmitted and other people get sick.

The camp administration, in cooperation with al-Raqqa Civil Council, provides support and assistance to injuredGRI SPI-REWŞAKOCBRA (1)

In this regard, the percentage of injured number increase from inside the camp, the administration of Ain Issa camp requested all international and foreign organizations to intervene and to address the displaced health situation.

With the closure of the camp pharmacy, one of these organizations, called Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Netherlands, is currently launching a campaign to vaccinate children with measles, including 10,000 children from 6 months to 15 years.

Al-Raqqa Civil Council provided its support and assistance to the injured and all the displaced. The Health Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council provided a large quantity of medicines and vaccines to the camp pharmacy free of charge after it was closed for one month.

The amount of medicines provided by Health Committee al-Raqqa Civil Council is among the limited possibilities available to it. The Committee also provided the opportunity to purchase displaced persons from the neighborhood pharmacies.GRI SPI-REWŞAKOCBRA (1)

If the necessary medication is not available at the camp pharmacy, the displaced are referred to the central pharmacy in Ain Issa to obtain the medication there by a reduction of 40% of price of the real medicine.

Health Committee also promised to continue providing support and assistance to the camp.

In this regard, during an interview conducted by Hawar news agency with one of the infected families, the child Maryam Hussein, a resident of Deir ez-Zor infected with measles with her three sisters, “Initially my youngest brother, 6 years old, continued his illness for a whole week without medication, then the infection was transmitted to me and to my younger sisters Reem 5-year-old and Nada10-year-old.

“My mother gave us some syrup, but we did not cure him. Then the camp administration transferred us to Tel Abyad hospital. We got proper care and we recovered, but Nada has not recovered yet and we give her medicine from the camp pharmacy.”

She called on the whole world to help displaced people and demanded from Syrian Democratic Forces return their homes from the IS mercenaries to return to it soon.

On the other hand, the refugee Fatima al-Hussein pointed out that the medical points provided them with medicine and treatment as much as possible and in the absence of the necessary medication they are transferred to another pharmacy in Ain Issa district.

The administration of Ain Issa camp appeals to the organizations to intervene

Jalal Ayaf, the co-chair of Ain Issa refugee camp, appealed to all concerned to intervene. He also called on international organizations to look more closely into the situation of the injured who are now in winter suffering from severe cold and the camp is suffering from lack of necessary medicines.CLCAL

During his speech, Jalal Ayaf confirmed that they are in charge of the camp providing the necessary assistance and facilities in order to allow the injured to be transferred to the hospital and also to provide them with ambulances.