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Ain Issa traffic figures to reduce accidents, violations

GIRE SIPI –To organize the traffic in Ain Issa district of Gire Sipi canton, the Traffic Police Department has set up traffic figures on the main roads in the district.

The Traffic Department was able to put 10 traffic signs on the main roads in the city to prevent parking on the road side, and traffic figures alerted the driver to reduce speed.GRI-SPI-KESAYETIYÊN-TRAFÎKÊ-2-300x169

In this context, ANHA agency met with the administrator at Traffic Police in Ain Issa Leman Ahmed in Ain Issa district, said, “The aim of the traffic figures in the center of the district is to regulate traffic, prevent overcrowding and reduce accidents to maintain the safety of citizens.

Leman indicated that they had taken measures to curb traffic violations and exceeded these figures that impose a fine of 3,000 SP on the violator.

The administrator has indicated that there are plans to put traffic figures on the main roads in large and small cities.