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AL-Jaraniya Youths preparing to launch 1st football league

AL-TABQA – The Youth and Sport Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa would launch the first football league in al-Jaranyia town, and the procession of  preparing the stadiums is about to be completed.TEBQA-DAWRI-FOTBOOL (1)

This is the first sporting event of the football under the name of the Martyr Abu Nasser to restore the sport spirit to the young group after years of deprivation.

The committee is about to complete processing al-Zerijiya Stadium that is 10 km west of al-Jaraniya, and which has not witnessed any sport effectiveness since the submission of al-Jaraniya to the occupation of the mercenary gangs in the beginning of 2012.

The championship of the Martyr Abu Nasser which is scheduled to start on Monday would be the first league in al-Jaraniya and its countryside after its liberation by SDF, YPG , YPJ fighters in December 15, 2016.

Over the past two weeks, the Youth and Sport Committee has distributed leaflets inviting the teams to register in the league as registration has ended with the completion of the number of teams.

The league includes 8 participating teams from al-Jaraniya and  its countryside.MAHMOUD ALSEX

The administrative of the Youth and Sport Committee in al-Jaraniya Mahmoud al-Sheikh assured, “We are currently equipping the stadium to revive the effectiveness of the football league in al-Jaraniya in order to revive these activities after being deprived of them under umbrella of IS terrorist gangs.”

And the martyr Abu Nasser, a fighter in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was martyred in the campaign of al-Raqqa city liberation, and he was previously one of the players of al-Zerijiya team.