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Al-Raqqa liberation; federalizing Syria’s first step-3

Campaign to liberate the city


NEWS DESK- In a special operation and through special teams, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)liberated al-Raqqa city, the alleged capital of IS mercenaries. On October 17, 2017, al-Raqqa liberation proved that SDF were the only forces in the region to move in an organized manner through strategic plans and the only force in the Middle East, which broke the back of IS mercenaries, and put an end to the illusions of the so-called “Islamic State.”REQA-PISTI-SER-PEVCUNEN-DIJWAR-SERVAN-BI-DIHAN-SIVIL-XILASKIRIN1-141427203--300x169

After long and heroic clashes and resistance by(SDF) and its allied forces against IS mercenaries and liberation of most of the geography of northern Syria, starting from the historical resistance in Kobani and through the liberation of Tel Abyad, al- Hol, Shaddadi and Manbej, and to the countryside of Deir ez-Zor and al-Raqqa and the liberation of all the villages, In the region, and the evacuation and rescue of tens of thousands of people from the region from the clutches and transferring them to safe areas and securing their life necessities with their own limited capabilities,(SDF) announced on June 6 in a statement to the public opinion the launching of the “al-Raqqa Great Battle” to liberate al-Raqqa from IS mercenaries. In the presence of members of the Civil Council, the sheikhs and clans of al-Raqqa region, leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), and members of the Syrian Democratic Council.REQA-ŞERVANEN-QSD-IRO-JI-DI-DEHAN-SIVIL-RZGAR-KIEN-3-300x169

The liberation campaign was a blow to mercenaries after the overthrowing of the alleged capital of the mercenaries. The city was quiet and beautiful. It was characterized by its clan and social character. It was turned by mercenaries into a city where they planned all the terrorist schemes that targeted most of the world’s states.

After(SDF)launched the city liberation campaign, on June 6, al-Raqqa Civil Council confirmed to the public opinion that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)would carry out their promise to liberate the city, and liberated large parts of the Syrian geography from mercenaries.

The campaign to liberate the city started from two axes, the first west of the city of al-Raqqa and the second was east of the city, in addition to forming a ring around the city from the north, in order to tighten the screw on mercenaries. After several hours of the announcement of the campaign at16: 00, and in the evening the Heraclius Castle was liberated west of the city, which was looted by IS mercenaries.REQA-WENEYEN-GO-NEHATINE-BIKAR-ANIN1-38470146--300x169

The Syrian Democratic Forces advanced cautiously during they entered the outskirts of the city as a result of mines and booby-traps the mercenaries planted, all streets, sub-streets and civilians’ houses to block their advance. On June 8, (SDF) made great advance and managed to liberate the Brigade 17th, They also progressed in al- Mashlab neighborhood 850 meters into the neighborhood, amid heavy fighting, and 16 mercenaries were killed. Six of them were killed by the fighters. Two vehicles were destroyed. In the evening, the forces announced that the neighborhood was completely liberated.

In the morning of June 9, the fighters entered al-Sabhia the west of the city. In the evening the neighborhood was completely liberated from mercenaries. On the same day, the fighters entered the Romaniya quarter west of the city and managed to kill 11 mercenaries, including an amir called “Abu Khattab al-Tunesi”, the bodies of 7 mercenaries killed by SDF were seized. After two days of fighting, the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated the neighborhood on June 11. On the same day, the fighters entered two new neighborhoods, the Al-Sinaa neighborhood from the eastern front, and Huteen neighborhood on the western side.REQA-CETEYEN-DAYISE-SIVILAN-WEKA-MERTAL-BI-KAR-TENIN1-300x225

During the first ten days of the campaign, mercenaries received strong blows from the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters. The clashes from the outskirts of the city turned into mercenary-controlled areas’. Within a short period of time (12 days), fighters managed to reach the old wall of al- Raqqa, Al-Mashlab, Al-Sabahiya and Al-Hayat neighborhoods which were the first line of defense for mercenaries in Al-Raqqa city and fought mercenaries in three other neighborhoods (al-Batani in the east and al-Barid and al-Qadseea in the west,

IS mercenaries change their fighting tactics

After collapse of the front defenses lines of mercenaries in al-Raqqa city, the mercenaries changed their war strategy, and followed in their attacks in al-Raqqa, especially on snipers and infiltration through tunnels, suicide bombers and guided aircraft.

As a result of the heavy losses, they took civilians from the neighborhoods under their control such as Al-Diriyah, Qadisiya, Nahdha to the west, Al-Batani and Old al-Raqqaa east to the center. They used them as human shields to prevent the advance of(SDF).ANALIZ-HEMLEYA-REQQA-E280AB138215948E280AC-E280ABE280AC-1-300x200

Forming special teams to liberate civilians

Mercenaries followed another method, hiding within the city and moving among the civilians who were taken to areas under their control in the city by force. Therefore, (SDF) have formed special task forces to liberate civilians from neighborhoods controlled by IS mercenaries.

Within 24 days of the campaign’s launch, the special teams liberated more than 18,000 civilians, who were sent to the safe areas under the control of (SDF) after providing the forces with the necessary supplies and needs.

On June 25, (SDF) liberated al-Qadisiya neighborhood, southwest of al-Raqqa city; one of the most important defense lines of IS mercenaries in the city center.

On June 29, after the liberation of 6 neighborhoods “al-Mashleb, al-Batani, al-Sinaa east, Sabahiya, al- Romaniya and al-Qadisiya in the west.” The clashes moved to three other neighborhoods (Huteen, Yarmouk and al- Nahdha) west of the city. These neighborhoods were the main line of defense for the mercenaries and the mercenaries were unable to resist the blows.daxuyanî-yjş-reqa-300x200

Women Protection Units- Şengal also participate

In a step that was the first of its kind, a group of fighters of the Women’s Protection Units-Şengal on July 3, led by Deniz Şengal entered al-Raqqa to participate in the campaign to liberate al-Raqqa from mercenaries and to liberate Yazidi women held captive and revenge for them.

The last stage of al-Raqqa Great Battle was to revenge for the commander Adnan Abu Majed

After the dignitaries of al-Raqqa clans mediated to SDF, hundreds of civilians were evacuated from the city, more than 275 mercenaries surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces, but a group of foreign mercenaries refused to surrender.REQA-WARIYE-ŞHIDA-5-300x200

On October 15, Syrian Democratic Forces announced the launch of the battle of the “Martyr Adnan Abu Amjad” to end the presence of IS mercenaries inside the city of al-Raqqa. “The campaign will continue until the entire city is cleared of terrorists who refused to surrender, including foreign terrorists, and insisted on continuing their desperate fight against our heroic forces.

On October 16 fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated al-Andalus neighborhood, the airport, the al-Akrad and al-Medhana in the center of the city of al- Raqqa after fierce clashes. In the evening, the forces managed to liberate the Bedo and the Sakhani neighborhoods and al-Della and al-Naeem roundabout from the hands of mercenaries.

At 11.00 Syrian Democratic Forces carried out the last operation to liberate the national hospital and its ambience. At 14.57 on October 17, 2017, Syrian Democratic Forces managed to liberate the entire city from mercenaries.

Tomorrow: al-Raqqa liberation paves the way for building a democratic, federal Syria