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Al-Raqqa liberation, federalizing Syria’s first step-4

Civil Administration, a federal system formed for the federalizing all Syria


NEWS DESK– During a military campaign lasted for 4 months, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) managed to liberate IS mercenaries’ so-called capital city in Syria. Al-Raqqa historical city “al-Rashid city” has been liberated from IS mercenaries’ darkness to be the corner stone of forming Democratic North-Syria Federation to be an example of the democracy and co-existence in the Middle East. DOSIYA-MECLISA-SIVIL-YA-REQQA-40436227--1-620x364

Al-Raqqa city is considered one of the most important strategic cities in Syria as it overlooks the Euphrates River, and it is located in the center of north of Syria, and links east of Syria to the west of it. In addition, al-Raqqa city is called the Bedouin’s Bride.

The various components in al-Raqqa city gave it a social, cultural and historical richness.

The Syrian regime attempted to stir conflicts among the city’s components, and ignored it at the political, social and service levels. During March, 2010, it attempted to strike the Kurds and Arabs in Newroz celebrations, and instigated the Arabic component to strike the Kurds in addition to its attempts of preventing them celebrating Newroz Eid while the social awareness of the city’s components, and the historical and social relations that link the components with each other foiled the Syrian regime’s plans at that time. Moreover, the social nature of the city and the co-existence among the components throughout thousands of years have not given way to the regime to pass on its plans.

The first Syrian city that refused the centralized systemREQQA-KONGIRA-MECLISA-SIVIL6-620x364

Al-Raqqa city is the first Syrian city that was liberated from the Syrian regime during the Syrian revolution. In other word, it is the first Syrian city that refused the centralized system that has been ongoing in Syria since 40 years, and also refused the rule of the armed opposed gangs and the rule of Jabhet al-Nusra and lastly IS mercenaries’ rule.

The importance of al-Raqqa city made all troops and armed gangs greedy to seize it, so that the armed gangs known of Free Army entered it, but the components of al-Raqqa that refused the centralized system also refused the rule of the Free Army gangs. Then, Jabhet al-Nusra or Hayet Tahrir al-Sham gang also was not able to impose its authority on al-Raqqa peoples. After that, IS mercenaries occupied it, and named it by so called “Caliphate Capital”.

Al-Raqqa was the center of planning and carrying out IS operations in Europe and the world, and the point of expanding IS mercenaries towards Iraq. In addition to that, the plan of attacking Kobanî was charted in al-Raqqa.REQQA-KONGIRA-MECLISA-SIVIL1-620x364

The practices that IS mercenaries acted against al-Raqqa people stirred the anger and wrath of its people, and they were not be able to organize themselves and form military forces to defend the city so that they were not able to dismiss the mercenaries from the city, and it fell under the rule of IS mercenaries. Then, the clans’ notables contacted with SDF, and appealed to them to liberate the city from the aggressive and oppression of IS mercenaries. And to constitute a civil council to administrate the city’s people by a self-system not a centralized one.

Al-Raqqa people chose their way

The form of the administration was determined by the components and peoples of al-Raqqa as they wanted to manage themselves by themselves. On this base, they formed al-Raqqa Civil Council in April 18, 2017 under the slogan “Fraternity of Peoples and the Co-Existence Is Democratic Nation’s Guarantee” that they would develop it after the liberation of al-Raqqa city to a civil administration of the city that totally refuses the centralized system.  REQQA-HEVSEROKATIYA-MECLISA-SIVIL-1-620x364

Al-Raqqa people and al-Raqqa Civil Council have been had great responsibilities as for the spreading the co-existence and accepting the other after the city has been liberated. Al-Raqqa city is assembled to a number of the Syrian cities concerning to its national, regional and cultural varieties and components as it includes Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, Armenians and others.

Al-Raqqa liberation from IS mercenaries and forming a civil administration are considered a new historical step to find a political solution for the Syrian crisis, and applying the federal system in al-Raqqa can preserve the historical heritage of the city.

The strategic importance of al-Raqqa city in the center of the Syrian north made it the corner stone in launching the project of the Syrian crisis solution as the co-chair of the Constituent Council of Democratic North-Syria Federation Hedya Youssef said.HISEN-EL-RASID-620x364

Hadiya Youssef believes that the operation of al-Raqqa city liberation would change the political and strategic balances in the world, and would constitute a political stage to find a solution for the Syrian crisis at the hands of SDF.

Al-Raqqa city gives an impetus to the federal project of north of Syria

Hadiya Youssef sees that al-Raqqa city has a great importance to consolidate the federal system in north of Syria, and circulate it to all the Syrian areas. Hadiya Youssef also said that joining al-Raqqa to the federal project gives an impetus to the project, and it must unify the geography of all Syrian north within a federal system assuring that all the components of the city decided to form a small federation by their unity, and forming a civil council after the liberation, and Hadiya considered al-Raqqa liberation as the first step to form a democratic federal Syria.

In addition, the co-chair of the Executive Body of the federal system of north of Syria Senhareeb Bersom said that al-Raqqa Civil Council have great responsibilities in concern to forming the laws and systems of the city’s administration after the liberation. As for the federal system of north of Syria, its people are those who would determine the political and organizational systems, and they are free to join the federal system of north of Syria or not.

Launching towards federalism of Syria.REQA-AMADEKARI-JI-BO-REQQA-159515137--300x199

Senhareeb Bersom also said “we consider that the future of Syria’s system must be a federal one, and this depends on several bases and fundamentals, and we want to advocate this system all over Syria”.

Federalizing al-Raqqa is a launching step towards proving the federal project in Syria, because Syria is the demand of peoples of freedom to manage themselves, and it is a civilized and democratic type that gives the individual and the society their rights.

Bersom also said that the federal type is a popular demand and not partisan, and it is applied to all the Syrian people, and every area that is being liberated from IS mercenaries would administrate itself by the Self-Civil Administration that constitute the federal system that guarantees equality and participation of everybody to administrate the state. REQA-AVAKIRINA-MECLISEKE-620x364

Bersom added that al-Raqqa Civil Council is wise, efficient and high experienced, and it would be able to create a future for this city and its people. furthermore, this policy would be applied to all liberated Syrian areas to form a pluralistic, democratic and federal Syria.

On Sunday: an interview with the co-chair of Syrian Democratic Council Riyad Derar.