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Al-Tabqa graduates finish “Martyrs of Resistance Afrin course “


AL-TABQA–  The Academy of the Martyr” Khalid Alioui ” belonging to Academies of Democratic Society graduated of its second course in al-Tabqa under the name “Martyrs of Afrin resistance.”TEBQA-EKADMI-CIVAKA-DIMOKRAT (4)

The ” Martyrs of Afrin Resistance” course included 23 trainees and 26 trainees from all institutions of Democratic Civil Administration for al-Tabqa area.

During the 29-day course, trainees have received intellectual lessons such as “The importance of training, criticism and self-criticism, democratic nation, state models, special war, Middle East, culture and Ethics, federalism.”

The graduation ceremony began with a minute of silence, followed by a word was delivered by the administrative in al-Tabqa Berjin Mohammed confirmed that the resistance of the age in Afrin “triumphed and caused the failure of the colonial project of the Turkish state, thanks to the cohesion of North Syria components of all sects and ethnic groups.”TEBQA-EKADMI-CIVAKA-DIMOKRAT (3)

Mohammed spoke saying “Afrin became the symbol of resistance to the entire world and the Syrian people in particular. Day after day, the people of Afrin proved their steadfastness in the face of the Turkish aggression and the resistance of Afrin is what won today.”

“Our military forces, in all their formations, have proved that the development of weapons and the availability of modern military equipment are of no avail because the most powerful weapon is the will.”

“Mohammed noted “The solidarity of North Syria and its direction to resistance of Afrin city in the past weeks in support of its resistance, people confirmed that the peoples of North Syria stands united against the brutal Turkish aggression on the territories of Afrin.”TEBQA-EKADMI-CIVAKA-DIMOKRAT (1)

Then all the graduates were handed over to the” Manifesto of Democratic Civilization” as a token gift by the Administration of the Academy.  Then danced in the rings with participation of the audience.  It is worth mentioning that the course “Martyrs of Afrin Resistance “is the second course since the opening of the Academy Khalid Alioui on 14 December last year.