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Al-Tabqa municipality seeks to return the stolen rifle to city


 AL-TABQA – The Environment Department in al-Tabqa People’s municipality equipped the nursery, which was part of the annual plan of the municipality work, as part of redesign of the city and  cultivate what had been cut of trees during the IS mercenaries occupation of the city as well as neglect of the city environment.TEPQA-SAREDARI ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The arboretum includes the cultivation of all kinds of fruit trees, ornamental trees and forest trees, which highlight their most important role in achieving the ecological balance of the city.

The plant is supposed to be ready for planting in the beginning of next spring as the second planting campaign, which aims to plant the remaining gardens of the city and move in the third phase of the afforestation campaign in the countryside of al-Tabqa in general.HEVSEROK

According to the co-chair of the Environment Department of al-Tabqa People’s Municipality in , Nazli al-Ahmad, the Euphrates dam will be soon planted in several trees, after it has been completely cleared of mines and the maintenance and re-planting.