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Al-Tabqa National Hospital ready with beginning of April


AL-TABQA- Health Committee of Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa city continues to renovate al-Tabqa’ s national hospital at rapid pace to be ready by the beginning of April.TEBQA-NEXSXANI (4)

According to the director of the hospital restoration project, Fawaz Ahmed Khalaf, the hospital has become 95% ready. The Ambulance Wing, Women Wing and Operations Wing have been completely renovated. The renovation included electrical wiring, lighting, air conditioning and central heating and installation of doors and windows in addition to the ceiling wicker

Wall paint and plumbing have exceeded 85% in conjunction with the restoration of the hospital’s exterior structure and the installation of marble stone and sidewalk tiles surrounding the hospital.

In addition, technicians have been recruited to install and maintain elevators, who have maintained hospital elevators and have become fully operational, and the central air-conditioning was fully maintained and ready to operateTEBQA-NEXSXANI (3)

Renovation work at al-Tanqa National Hospital also included the maintenance of major water networks.

The step taken by Health Committee in al-Tabqa is a good achievement that it takes a short period of time compared to the amount of damage done to al-Tabqa National Hospital over the past 7 years.

The rehabilitation of the hospital will also relieve pressure on Kurdish Red Crescent clinic which work in al-Tabqa National Hospital, which is the only health facility operating in al-Tabqa area.