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Al-Tabqa ‘s people are angry at seizure of Euphrates  water by Turkey


AL_TABQA –AL-Tabqa ‘s People are angry of Seizure of Euphrates water By the Turkish occupation angered who said ” Why yhis heinous act …. Is not it enough to fight our people in Afrin “.

NorthSyria ‘s people  are still suffering , which appeared  to be a power outage after their joy came when they get rid of nightmare IS gangs as in al-Tabqa city .TEBQA-XLKI-WE-ADIZIN-JEBER-QOUTKRNA-AVI-LISER-WAN (3)

The problem arose on the surface after the Euphrates River was seized by the Turkish authorities by partially stopping its pumping through its numerous dams on the Euphrates.

In this context, the water level in the Euphrates lake has fallen to a record low. The Turkish state is supposed to allow 500 cubic meters per second, but it does not allow more than 200 cubic meters to pass, leaving the lake down by about 2 meters.

Not only that, the impact of this interruption on the wells located on the outskirts of the lake and in the river also, which in turn adversely affected the lives of people directly because the nutrition of rural areas of drinking water comes from these wells in addition to the fact that these wells are the main factor in watering their plantations.

It should be noted that the drainage well should not be less than 10 meters and not less than one meter above the plunger it contains, while not more than 20 cm above the diver currently, which reflects the current deteriorating situation in terms of water shortage.TEBQA-XLKI-WE-ADIZIN-JEBER-QOUTKRNA-AVI-LISER-WAN (1)

This is why the Turkish authorities cut off the water, although in part because they can not completely cut off the cause of resentment among al-Tabqa ‘s people . Fatima Mohammed expressed her dissatisfaction with this behavior. “Why is this terrible act? And about planting and growing.