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Al-Tabqa ‘s women couninue activities of internatioal women ‘s day

AL_TABQA – The Young Women’s Union distributed in al-Tabqa area  west of al-Raqqa governorate on International Women’s Day.TEPQA-ROJA-JINE ‫(39518723)‬ ‫‬

The move comes as part of a series of joint events between the Council of Women in al-Tabqa and its countryside  and the Union of Young Women in al-Taqba , in preparation for the International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8 each year.

World Women’s Day is a global celebration on 8 March. The celebration was held following the first World Women’s Democratic Conference held in Paris in 1945.

“The 8th of March is the fruit of women’s struggle throughout history against male tyranny,” said the text of the publications distributed by the Union of Young Women in the class. “The revolution of women in Syria and the taking of women as their avant-garde role is proof of the uninterrupted flame.”

In 1856, thousands of women went out to protest in the streets of New York City about the inhumane conditions under which they were forced to work, and although the police intervened brutally to disperse the demonstrators, the march succeeded in pushing officials to put the problem of working women on the daily agenda. On March 8, 1908, thousands of textile workers returned to protest in the streets of New York City, but this time they carried pieces of dry bread and bouquets of roses in a symbolic gesture of significance and chose their protest movement as “bread and roses.”TEPQA-ROJA-JINE ‫(39518722)‬ ‫‬

During the distribution of publications, the administrative of Agriculture Directorate, Sarah Mohammed, confirmed that “the eighth of March is not the only day for women to celebrate its revolution, but every day a festival for women resistance and struggling women lived free steadfast.”

Despite a long struggle for women, the 8th of March was designated as a global day for women. It was only in 1977 when the World Organization issued a resolution calling on the world to adopt any day of the year they choose to celebrate women.

” The Administrative of the Women ‘s Union laila al-Abd said”These publications have been distributed to educate women about the importance of their role in society and the global revolutions led by women throughout history and the ages,”

Al-Abd added “The woman celebrates her time everywhere and at times and even on the lines of the fronts that have become part of the life of the resistance women who made the glory of this people with their sacrifices and championships.”

The events of the High Day for Women will continue till March 8, when al-Tabqa and its villages will witness seminars and awareness shows in an area that has never witnessed such activity. It was thought that the 8th of March is the day of celebrating what the Baathist regime called “Thor VIII (Ox) of March”.