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AL-Tabqa Youth complete 50km march to support resistance of age


Al-TABQA –AL-Tabqa Youth Council and Young Women ‘s was resumed the footwalk march which launched yesterday , In solidarity with Afrin ‘s resistance

The march was launched from Rumaila village in North al-Tabqa with the participation of dozens of young people.

Rumaila is about 50 km away from al-Tabqa city

On the second day of the march, the youth from al-Mahmoudli town, which is about 30 km north of al-Tabqa city  set out from al-Tabqa town.

The participants, who wore a jacket, carried photographs of the martyr “Avesta Khabor” at 10 o’clock in the town of Ramiala  in the countryside of al-Tabqa city of North Syria.

The martyr Avesta Khabur, a fighter in the Women’s Protection Units(YPJ) carried out a commando operation against a tank of the Turkish occupation army in Hammam village in Janders area  south of Afrin canton  in North Syria.

The participants carried the picture of the martyr martyr Avesta Khabour, the flags of the Arab Democratic Youth Movement, the Syrian Women’s Council, the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa the Democratic Council of Syria, and the banners reading “In the spirit of youth we will expel the invaders.”we are Afrin we are resistence of Afrin revolt “

During the footwalk  march, the participants carried the olive branches and the echo of their throats chanted: “One Kurdish Arab, one Kurdish, the people of Afrin are steadfast”, “Erdoğan and ya Afrin is the tenderness”, “Kurdish Free Arab, bury your army Erdogan”, “Afrin Free Freestyle” And the Turkish land. “

The Turkish occupation army, accompanied by the remnants of al-Qa’ida organization, launched its aggression against Afrin last January. More than 180 civilians, most of them women, children and displaced persons, were killed in the attack and more than 400 others were wounded in the aggression.

It is scheduled to stop the march in the afternoon hours in the city of the region, where they will be received by the people of the city and civil and military institutions to end with a speech about the resistance of the age in Afrin and the role of the young people to repel this Turkish aggression.