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Al-Tabqa Youth Council is moving to implement what was stated at its founding conference


TEBQA-The first meeting of the youth council of al-Tabqa was held on Saturday in the meeting hall of the democratic civil administration of al-Tabqa city.  After the holding of founding conference of the youth of al-Tabqa took place on 5 February, in order to elect the General Coordinator of the Youth Council and its representatives in the Legislative and Executive Councils and the Civil Council.

The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of the spirit of martyrs followed by the status of the items of meeting, which included discussing the political and organizational situation and the election of the General Coordinator and the activation of the committees.TEBQA-CIVINA-CIWANA (1)

In the political situation, the administration of the Youth Council Ali Hassan discussed with the attendees the situation in Afrin and the failure of the Turkish occupation to achieve any progress as the aggression entered its 21st day and the links of the Turkish regime document with all the terrorist organizations fighting in Syria.

Hassan then addressed the issue of the attacks of the regime and the fierce Russia on Idlib and al-Ghouta East and the massacre amid the international silence on the aggravation of the magnitude of the crisis and seriousness.

In the same context, the administration stressed in al-Tabqa Youth Council that even if the international coalition to support the Syrian Democratic Forces, these forces are able to protect all areas liberated by the evidence is the resistance shown by (SDF) and stand in the face of the second largest army in NATO to Resistance of the age in Afrin .

In the organizational situation, the mechanism of the youth council in general, its organizational structure and its scope were explained so that al-Tabqa and its countryside was divided into three lines: the railway line, al- Mansoura line and the city line.

The members of the Youth Council were elected to the Legislative and Executive Councils and the Civil Council of al-Tabqa city so that they would be members of each council in addition to electing the 11 committees of the Youth Council.