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Al-Tabqa’s Organization Affairs launches step to alleviate suffering of displaced


Al-TABQA- Organization Affairs Office in al-Tabqa is preparing to transfer al- Twehina camp to a more appropriate place after the increasing of suffering by the displaced people in the camp.TIBQA-KARUBAREN REXISTINE LI TIBQA JI BU KOCBRA (2)

The number of displaced persons in Twehina refugee camp, numbering more than 12,000, mostly from the central Hama and Homs governorates in Syria, has increased, prompting the Office of Organization Affairs to decide to relocate the camp to provide more suitable conditions for the displaced.

Al-Twehina camp is located in the north-west of al-Tabqa 35 km, located near the bank of the Euphrates River and has more than 2,790 families.

The new location of the camp is located near Ja’aber junction, which is 15 km from the center of the town.

The transfer of displaced people to a camp near the city will make it easier to secure their needs, which are abundant in the center of the city, of food items as well as their proximity to medical points.TIBQA-KARUBAREN REXISTINE LI TIBQA JI BU KOCBRA (3)

According to the co-chair of Organization Affairs Office Omar Suleiman, “the increase in the large number of displaced people and proximity to the Euphrates River caused the transfer of the camp to a viable area under the tents better.”

Sulaiman pointed out that the stage of preparing the ground at the beginning, which may take nearly two months to be ready to build tents.

The office began to prepare the ground and will be extended by the remains of stones to be ready to build tents, which are close to 1000 tents and secure water tanks and installation of toilets.