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Aleppo ‘s youth :We are all one hand in resistence of age , Will only accept victory


ALEPPO – “We are all one hand with the people of Afrin”, and in this words a number of Aleppo ‘s youth expressed their solidarity with the resistance of the age  in Afrin, while denouncing the criminal acts carried out by the Turkish occupation army against civilians amid international silence.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviews with the a number of civilian youth on Aleppo about attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin canton and in violation of all international laws and the massacres against civilians

Basil Mohammed “We are all  commando of  Afrin land of olive, and we Aleppo youth condemn the aggressive action Erdogan on Afrin and condemn the heinous acts committed by the Turkish occupation army and its gangs .”

On the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the convoys of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates supporting the resistance of the age amid international silence, Mohammed pointed out that the position of European countries and silence is a betrayal and weakness at the time of the massacres against the people of Afrin.


Lava Omar said that the people now realize that this aggression is aggression on Syria was strong cohesion between all components in North Syria is the best proof of that.

She added that the sacrifices made and made by all components in Syria and those who accept only victory is what will crush the occupation. As young women in Aleppo, we condemn and condemn the aggression against Afrin and affirm our readiness to defend it.


Hazem Mamou, in turn, pointed out that the targeting of the delegation, which went to Afrin and killed civilians and wounded others, was only the result of the victories have been achieved by the people against the occupation and attempted revenge.

Mamoun also noted that Afrin will win thanks to the heroic resistance. We, the youth of Aleppo, will resist the aggression and will not accept the occupation of our land because we are all one hand with Afrin.