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Aleppo Women.. In resistance, struggle spirit, women will be liberated


ALEPPO- Aleppo women confirmed that March 8 is the day of resistance to the struggling women, and indicated that the Syrian woman will in various fields and her achievements reached the rank of martyrdom.

In conjunction with the approaching of World Women’s Day, on 8 March, the correspondent of Hawar news agency met with a number of women from Aleppo.

“I appeal to all women in the world and Middle East who are subjected to violence and injustice to revolt and reject the reality in which they live and to combat violence against women and free themselves from the different minds of society, which diminishes women’s role in the advancement of society. Amina Rasheid said,

In her turn, Jihan confirmed that women in Middle East have worked to develop themselves and show their ideals and give her opinion, but always been opposed by laws and constitutions.

As for what Syrian Kurdish women achieved in the revolution in North Syria, Jihan said: “Syrian women imposed their will in various fields and made achievements until they reached the status of martyrdom to achieve women’s freedom.

Shiren Ali stressed that “women must struggle with their thinking and awareness, stand firmly against this phenomenon, work to end it, and be aware of science and thought so that she can free herself from this torment and suffering in a manner that does not expose them to other types of violence or injustice.”

Shiren said, “March 8 is the day of resistance for struggling women”