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Ali Halo: We came to support Afrin but they supported us with their steadfastness, greatness



AFRIN-The head of the delegation of the Kurdistan Region Parliament Ali Halo pointed that they wanted to be next to their brothers in Afrin and support them, and it is remarkable that they supported us with their steadfastness and resistance.

Halo pointed out the need to hold a national Kurdish conference as soon as possible to avoid massacres and genocide against the Kurdish people. The remarks were made by the head of the Kurdistan Region Parliament delegation and a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Ali Halo, who visited Afrin canton to learn about the situation of the canton and the resistance shown by people and sects of Afrin in the face of Turkish aggression and its mercenary since January 20, during a dialogue with our agency ANHA.

The following is the text of the interview:

The Kurdish people in Kurdistan are going through a sensitive stage, what is required of the Kurdish parties and forces at this stage?

At this sensitive stage, which passes through Kurdistan, especially the region of Afrin, which is witnessing bombardment of aircraft, guns and missiles by the second state in NATO, the occupied Turkish state, where the occupied countries of Kurdistan, a fierce attack on the existence of the Kurdish people, before Afrin and after the referendum that took place in the Kurdistan region The city of Kirkuk and several other areas in Başûr were occupied by the Iraqi authorities. In Bakur Kurdistan, the parliamentarians and political activists are killed and arrested. In Rojhalat, Kurds are executed daily.

In the current stage, the occupying countries of Kurdistan are trying to exterminate the Kurdish people wherever they are and the occupied countries of Kurdistan are carrying out campaigns of ethnic cleansing against the Kurds (Genocide), amid silence by the international countries and the countries that claim democracy and protect the rights of peoples.

All forces, parties and organizations in all four parts of Kurdistan must support Afrin and its historical resistance, because Afrin is now in dire need of all kinds of material and moral support, because Afrin is besieged from all sides by Turkey, the regime,  al-Nusra Front and the armed groups. This siege is not the result of the moment, but has been practiced in Afrin for seven years.

And those who want to register their name in the pages of the history of organizations, forces and parties in Kurdistan  have to support Afrin now.

Is not it time to hold the Kurdistan National Congress?

The Kurdistan National Congress has been delayed so much and should be held as soon as possible. Therefore, all Kurdish forces, parties and organizations in the four parts should expedite the convening of the conference and activate its committees and institutions in each section to prevent further massacres against the Kurdish people.

How do you evaluate Afrin’s resistance? What is the source of this resistance?

I would like to thank Afrin’s resistance. There has never been such resistance in the world. In history, they talk about the resistance of Vietnam and Stalin Grad. But this resistance is the greatest.

The source of this resistance stems from the history of the Kurdish people, their resistance and great revolutions, from the history of the great martyrs of Kurdistan as a whole.

In your opinion, why is Turkey launching attacks with this barbarism on Afrin canton?

It is known to all that Turkey is attacking the existence of the Kurdish people wherever they are, and it is infected with the phobia of the Kurds, and this stems from the mentality of the Turkish state, which believes in and calls for one flag, one people and one person. This mentality is over and does not serve the interests of the Turkish people themselves..

As the delegation of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, you came to Afrin, what message you carry?

At the beginning we wanted to be with our brothers in Afrin and support them, and it is remarkable that they supported us with their steadfastness and resistance. Our main objective is to show our political and material support to our brothers in Afrin and Rojava, and to deliver the voice of the resistance and voice of the mothers and children of Afrin who lose their lives, Through the Kurdistan Region Parliament, amid the world silence.

Your message to the people of Afrin in particular and to Kurdistan in general?

Afrin’s people  recorded on the pages of history a new title recorded in the record of  history of the Kurdish people, the people of Kurdistan in general proud of you and your greatness, and I appeal to the people of Kurdistan to unite and support Afrin and its people