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Arab ,Islamic thinker: Reconciliation is stand-alone problem ,Hamas must take steps

Mustafa al-Dahdoh

GAZA – Arabic and Islamic thinker Dr. Jamal Abo-Nahl said that Palestinian reconciliation has become a stand-alone problem between the two sides of the Palestinian division, which has existed for nearly 12 years, and stressed that the dispute created a defect in the Palestinian issue and put the country in a political and popular crisis.D.GMAL

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with Prof. Jamal Abo-Nahl talked about reconciliation in paleatine saying ” Let’s talk frankly that the imbalance exists between the brothers on both sides of the divide and there is a crisis of confidence that still exists so far. They are enduring power without authority as a result of their respective efforts to consolidate their interests. “

Dr. Abu Nahl believed that if intentions were to be purified from the chagrin of the souls and narrow party and factionalism, things would be better. He pointed out that the divided did not leave a place but went from Mecca to Egypt, Qatar, Lebanon and other places. “We do not need to roam the countries of the world from In order to make us reconcile. As long as our intentions are dishonest and not pure and there are those who benefit from the continued division, reconciliation will remain in place. “

Abo -Nahl stressed that the long division, which is close to 12 years, certainly has a big role in instilling suspicion and mistrust between the two parties and no one forgets the amount of blood that has been lost because of the division, which keeps it considerations of those who caused the bloodshed, it is not easy to disappear traces And the repercussions of a decade-long split, especially since Hamas has taken full control of the Gaza Strip and all institutions and departments and has employed thousands of employees.

He pointed out that the problem with Hamas and continued, saying: “Now the ball in the court of Hamas, and it seems to me that they have internal differences in this regard, and we must not forget that there are those who benefit from the division and have become thrones and funds and positions of great world in Gaza, In a valley and they are in another valley, the government of al-Wefaq included 20 thousand in its budget from the employees of Hamas and that is a very positive step was required and expected to thank Hamas for the government to take that step. “

He pointed out that the situation has seen the opposite, where Hamas has flirted with treachery and demands to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah, Abo- Nahl explained, “This indicates evidence that the collection of millions of shekels collected by Hamas from Gaza benefit from them and not the people, In return for a pledge from the brothers in the Egyptian delegation and to care to be in exchange there is a part of the salaries of Hamas employees after the government enabled the collection, and in the file of the judiciary also handed over the courts and the police and civil defense”.

He said that the Palestinian situation in general and the Palestinian issue is now at its most dangerous turning point after Trump’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and its decision to transfer the embassy to commemorate the Nakba. He stressed that Trump would not have dared otherwise if the Palestinian leadership were united.

He pointed out that Hamas must respond and take a step forward to enable the government to collect and guarantee the rights of its employees with the guarantee of the Egyptian security delegation in light of the firm belief in the movement that reconciliation is to pay the salaries of the employees of the Government of Gaza while maintaining control and control of the sector in their hands , Then the presence of trust between the two parties should be required and Hamas should be able to go to the legislative and presidential elections and then activate the (PLO)

He said that President Mahmoud Abbas has taken steps for reconciliation. He has sent thousands of employees to retire and has pledged through the government to absorb 20,000 Gazan employees, which is not a small number and needs a state budget, and in return Hamas has to hand over the tax and the government. Because everyone has to be involved in the solution and not to put a problem in front of every solution that is being pursued.

Dr. Abo-Nahl ended his speech saying :”Despite all the Sudanese situation, I believe that Hamas will eventually hand over the collection and enable the government because we have no choice but unity. Otherwise, no one will pity us. al-Quds al-Sharif requires us to unite and move away from narrow party interests and look at the big issues,”