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Arab women: another achievement under history struggle , resistence  of free women


AFRIN – A number of Arab women said that their reception on the eighth of March with the women of Afrin is a place of pride and pride in which women demonstrate the strength of their will and the extent of women’s cohesion in the region, asserting that this is another event that history has dominated in the struggles and resistence of free women.

On Tuesday last night the procession of women from the regions of al-jazeera ,Euphrates, Deri –ez-Zor regions , Sengal l and the delegation of Kurdistanis arrived in Afrin canton  in support of the resistance of the age and the participation of Afrin women in the March 8 celebrations

And Hawar news agency (ANHA) explored views of the women on 8 March

Nuria Arab of the people al-Raqqa city ” For the beginning the revolution women ‘s North Syria defaeted IS gangs by heroic  resistence today, the women of the resistance in Afrin complete their stand against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on their lands, and this is something for us as women to be proud and proud,”

Nourapointed out that the mothers of Afrin sacrificed the lives of their children for the sake of liberating al-Raqqa of injustice and violations of IS gangs , ‘We, as the women of the region today, will repay these martyrs and mothers with their support by all means until the last drop of our blood and we will not allow Turkey to interfere with our brotherly spirit,” .

For her part, the young woman, who came from al-Tabqa city on 8 March, congratulated all the martyrs of freedom and the women and fighters of Afrin. “Our arrival as a women’s delegation carrying this quantity and diversity of components demonstrates the feminine cohesion enjoyed by women in North Syria . “What has been witnessed by Afrin attacks adds another achievement to the history of the militant woman.”

” And also Leila al-Abd pointed As soon as we arrived, the women of Afrin received us with great love and spirit, indeed, when they showed us their revolutionary spirit and their high morale, which made us gain more confidence and strength,”.

Aisha Hamdi from Deir-ez Zor city said that their participation in International Women’s Day alongside the women of resistance to the age gives another shine to the importance of this holy day, and this initiative has shown the world that women’s willpower is not weakened by the attacks of the Turkish occupation and will not discourage them from celebrating this day. It increases our strength.