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Arabic, Kurdish, Syriac, Turkmen songs on 5th day of Urkesh Festival


QAMIŞLO– For the fifth day in a row, the first Urkesh festival of music and folk songs will continue on Mohammed Sheikho Center for Culture and Art in Qamişlo canton.

The festival is organized by Democratic Movement of Culture and Art in Rojava, the first festival to highlight and distribute the culture and heritage of the peoples of the region under the motto “The First Urkesh Festival of Music and Folk Songs”. Involving Arab, Kurdish, Syriac and Yazidi groups, from the three federal regions.

The fifth day of the festival was attended by a large crowd of people, including elders, children, women and men, Arabs, Kurds and Syrians.

On the fifth day, 7 teams participated: “Rojava Band from Afrin, the Şoreş Band from Tal Tamr, “Roja Welat Band from Kerbawi village which is related to Qamişlo city, “Marina Band from Qamişlo which performed songs in Syriac language, in addition to the Manbij Band, which performed Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen folk songs. Each band performed 3 songs in Arabic, Syriac and Kurdish. The Manbij Band also performed a song in Turkmen language. The songs were popular, to the peoples of North Syria.

The songs were admirable and the audience interacted with them with warm applause.

During the five days of the festival’s performances, 26 bands have so far performed their musical performances, while 13 are preparing to perform in the next three days. The festival is scheduled to conclude on Sunday 31 of this month