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Arabic women: We are heart, spirit , conscience of Afrin


AL-HASAKAH– Arabic women from al-Holl town  said that the resistance of Afrin reinforced the unity of the people of Syria, and thwarted attempts to sow discord. They also expressed their solidarity with the resistance of the age

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviews with Arabic women of Holl town talk about the attacks of the Turkish occupation against and the attempts to create strife among the people of North Syria

‘There is no difference between Erdogan and IS gangs both of them are practicing the same crimes against civilians’SOURIA

Manal Khader Mohammed  a residents of the town denounced the Turkish occupation against Afrin’s People said “We are all Afrin, Erdogan is killing our children in Afrin, assaulting property and demolishing mosques, schools and homes. There is no difference between Erdogan and both of them who are committing the same crimes against civilians,”

And Added ” Afrin has been under attack since 41 days against innocent civilians in Afrin region using all kinds of internatioanlly prohibited weapons and international society is still silent “

She called on “the international society and human rights organizations and the protection of women to intervene to prevent the brutality of the Turkish state from killing innocent people in our homeland.”

Thwrya Saleh of al-Mazzarat village belonging to al-Holl town in this respect said “We are heart, soul and conscience of Afrin, and tell Erdogan: Stop, stop the war and the attacks, how hungry you are for the blood of innocent people and children,”YSRA

“Today all countries agree on us and Syria has become a trade deal with which the parties are racing to get together, we are satisfied with wars, we want to live in peace,” she added.

‘Did not make it clear to Erdogan that the peoples of the region live in peace’

Yusra Mahmoud al-Ibraim  thanked the resistance of  the age in Afrin and praised the heroic resistance shown by the people of Afrin, the heroes of Syrina Democratic Foreces (SDF)and  People ‘s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ)in the face of this treacherous Turkish aggression. “

“The people of northern Syria have lived peacefully, especially after liberation of many areas from the terror of Erdogan’s ally,” she said.

Yusra ended her speech saying “We, the people of North Syria , are one body, and Erdogan’s mercenaries can not break our will. This is not the first time that they attack us, so we will not fall,”