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Arabic women: Women in Norht Syria have proved their ability to lead


AL_HASAKAH – A number of Arabic women from al-Hasakah city  said that during the revolution of Rojava in North Syria she played a leading role and organized its ranks and proved her ability to work in all fields and success within them.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) intreviews with Arabic women coinciding with approching 8 March anniversary of international ‘s day talking about the status of women during the revolution years and the level reached in the areas in which they work.

Hadeel Khaled al-Ahmad blessed the anniversary of 8 March  to all women in the world

Hadeel stressed that women organized themselves and proved to the world their ability to lead and manage their affairs and work in all political, military and diplomatic fields and to be successful within them.

Hadeel al-Ahmad added that the revolution of Rojava is proof of the ability of women to regain their value and consideration because they managed to lead a revolution and engaged in the military field and established the ground for women’s participation in multiple areas.

Hanan al-Khader, a resident of al-Holl town  referred to the situation of women before the revolution. “Women lived in very difficult circumstances and were subjected to injustice, torture and murder and deprived of their rights.HENAN-EL-XIDIR-300x200

Hanan continued to say, “Women did not give up but fought and resisted the male mental power and customs and traditions that were impeding women’s freedom of thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocelan and women were able to liberate and get their rights and struggled in all areas.”

Hanan explained that women played in the revolution of Rojava and under umbrella of the Democratic Autonomous Adminnstartion played a leading role in all stages of the revolution and participated in all events at all levels and made the martyrs for the victory of the revolution.

Hanan al-Khader concluded by saying that for six years, the women in the revolution of Rojava have been entrenching their ranks and organizing themselves, proving their ability to lead and manage their affairs in many areas.