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A’raj: Notables’ Council to prevent division, secure refugee’ return


ALEPPO- The member of the Presidential Body of Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Ahmad A’raj assured that the first aim of forming Aleppo Sheikhs and Notables’ Council is to prevent the division, and the civilians’ returning into Syria, in addition to the people’s request to rebuild the country.

SDC (Aleppo office) held a meeting on January 8 for the notables and sheikhs of Aleppo city to form Aleppo Sheikhs and Notables’ Council as the first step to form the Council of the Sheikhs and Notables of Aleppo city. The formation of the council would be announced during the coming days.

For more about the essence of this council, and the aim of its formation, Hawar news agency held an interview with the member of the Presidential Body in SDC, Ahmad A’raj.

How has the initiative of forming Sheikhs and Notables Council in Aleppo emerged?

This initiative was not the spur-of-the-moment as the Notables Body or the Sheikhs and Notables Council whether in al-Jazeera or the countryside of Aleppo in Afrin and al-Shahba cantons have been formed.

The initiative came at the request of the people for the re-cohesion among the components of the Syrian society as there was a large crack during the 7th past years among those co-existent components, there was seditions have done by the external interference whether between the Arabs and Kurds, or between the Muslims and Christians. The duty of maintaining this crack is the responsibility of Aleppo notables and sages by spreading the concepts of the co-existence and the national cohesion. Moreover, this task is the responsibility of the council that would be formed during the coming days.

What is the most prominent task that the council would be responsible for?

The council would communicate with the displaced people to organize their return to Syria. The council would also be responsible for transferring the society’s troubles and the people’s request to rebuild this country.

The Sheikhs and Notables Council in Aleppo would be formed at this stage to communicate with the notables all over the Syrian areas as some clans are extended within all over the Syrian lands.

Syria is cradle of the cultures and civilizations, and if we do not organize this council, we will head towards division, and the most important aims of the Sheikhs and Notables Council is preventing the division of the Syrian lands.

Would this council be one of the offices of SDC?

This council would be formed at the initiative of the notables in Aleppo city in coordination with the notables in the countryside of Aleppo (al-Shahba and Afrin cantons) as we have mentioned, and SDC was as a political umbrella that supervises the formation of this social council, but the relation of this council with SDC is only a coordinative relation.

We hope this council to do its role in the Syrian society, and to be the right word for the Syrians, in addition to transmitting the status quo from conflict into peace, and restoring the dignity and freedom to the Syrian people to form a free, democratic, and pluralistic Syria.