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Assault on Afrin assault on entire of North Syria


GIRE SIPI – A member of the presidential  Body of the Syria Democratic Council (SDC)  Hassan Mohamed, demanded the peoples of the north of Syria to unite in the face of the Turkish aggression on Afrin, and called on the international Society to get out of silence about what is happening in Afrin.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with Hassan Mohammed   member of the presidential Body of the (SDC) to talk about attacks by the the Turkish occupation army against Afrin

The attack on Afrin targets the entire North Syria

“The issue is not only the issue of the occupation of Afrin, but an extension of the occupation of the rest of the Syrian territories , and these attacks are not aimed at the Kurdish people located in the region of Afrin alone, but is targeting the displaced people in the region of Afrin complete .

“The Turkish state, through its attack on Afrin, targets the entire North Syria and intends to end the project based on coexistence between the peoples living in North Syria from Assyria, Syriac, Kurds, Arabs and all components,” he said.

And also added :

“The Turkish state does not want stability in the region and it wants to destabilize the security and prosperity of North Syria he said. ” Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of all Syrian components were able to expel mercenaries from their towns and villages in al- Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor “

Member of the presidential body of the Syria Democratic Council  (SDC) Hassan Mohamed praised the resistance of the people of Afrin and stressed that the will of the people of Afrin will win “because the will of the people stronger than the military arsenal used by the enemy against them.

He also appealed to the international Society to break its silence over what is happening in Afrin from “killing innocent people, shelling homes of the safe people and hitting and destroying infrastructure.