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Barin become gold ink on paintbrushes


KOBANI – He tried to express through the golden colors and his paintbrush, which painted the pain of his support to Resist of the Age, where he painted of the martyr Barin Kobani.

Painter Mohammed Shahin, one of the artists of Kobani, painted a painting for the struggler Barin Kobani to express his support for the  resistance of the Age of his paintbrush and colors and his sorrow over the incident that took place on the body of the struggler Barin Kobani and to present this painting to her relatives as a consolation, .

Mohammed Shahin, who tries to express through his paintings the resistance shown by the fighters of the People’s Protection Units in Rojava, especially in the city of Kobani, drawing more than a painting of the fighters, the last of which was the martyr Areen Mirkan, to convey to the world through his drawings that only men do not fight while North Syrian women also fight and make great sacrifices.

Mohammed Shahin was influenced by the martyrdom of the struggler Barin Kobani on the 30th of January of this year and he began drawing a painting to commemorate it.

He took 15 days to paint the picture and says that when he drew the painting and after putting the face marks on the canvas, the painting seemed more affected.

A member of Kobani Cultural Union, Abdul Sattar Mohammed, confirmed that as a Kobani educator, they will convey his message and secretariat to two families in the Afrin region.