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By youth spirit, they preserved their folklore


AFRIN- Çiyayê Kurmênj band for the elderly that is specialized to folkloric dance art in Afrin canton in Afrin region is a sample of loving people to their heritage and culture.EFRIN-KOMA-GALA-LE-EFRIN (6)

Çiyayê Kurmênj band for Afrin folkloric dance for old people is one of Agirî bands that was established in Aleppo in 1991 and included bands of various Kurdish arts and cultures.

Some administrative members of Agirî band and members of Çiyayê Kurmênj band whose passion for their culture and folklore helped forming the band. The band comprises 18 members whose age is between 30-60 years old.

The band’s members were receiving their training courses in secret places in Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo by dance art specialists.

The band moved to Afrin canton to continue working in Culture and Art Center in Afrin canton center after Rojava Revolution and clashes erupted in Sheikh Maqsoud between 2011 and 2013.

The Culture and Art Center supported the band and insured necessary demands for it. Moreover, in October 11, 2015, Culture and Art Center produced a video clip about Afrin folkloric dance where villagers go to their fields.EFRIN-KOMA-GALA-LE-EFRIN (7)

The band receives its training course in the center of Culture and Art per week on Saturday.

Several bands for the elderly have been formed in the canton’s districts; Sherawa band that consists of 11 members, Mobata band consists of 12 members, and they are related to Culture and Art Center.

Çiyayê Kurmênj band has many dances including “MULANI، GULE WEY NARE ZENUBE, BEPIKE QURBETK”.

The band participated in many activities; The Dance Art Festival of organized in Culture and Art Center in the center of the canton in 2014, the Folklore Festival “VEJÎN” organized in Afrin, the activities of Newroz Eids in addition to their participation in Afrin weddings and marches with their folkloric clothes.

Hawar news agency reporter interviewed Muhammad Hanif the member of Çiyayê Kurmênj band whose age is 55 years old and Muhammad said “I joined the band in 1998 in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo city and we were receiving training courses in secret places due to the restricts imposed on them by the Syrian regime. Furthermore, I participated in the band in the result of my passion to the folklore and heritage”.