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Cultural exhibition in Manbij featuring many events


MANBIJ– The Culture and Art Committee in Manbij has opened the first cultural exhibition which included a musical work, singing and delivering poems and cultural exhibitions and drawings under the title “From our production to revive the heritage.”MINBIC-VEKRINA-PESENGIHE1 ‫(102105603)‬ ‫‬

The activities of the exhibition were attended by the Culture Committee of Kobani canton, the Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij and its suburbs, the Co-Chair of the Legislative Council Farouq al-Mashi, the Co- Chair of the Executive Council Ibrahim, two the deputies of the Legislative Council Amal Dada and Kassem Remo, as well as dozens of members of civil institutions in Manbij city and rural areas, a number of locals.

During the exhibition, the Culture and Art Committee presented a number of activities, starting with the first stage performance in the city of Manbij in the theater of the Industry School on Aleppo Road. Representing the simple friendly life that the people who lived before the appearance of armed manifestations.

The events have focused on the state of suffering and reviewed the destruction and those the people who have lost their lives and the destroyed buildings. It embodied the characters of the elderly, the children, the young, and the events revolved around the lives of these personalities before and during the war.

The play aimed to get the people out of the state of war, and called on them to join the reconstruction of Syria, where all components live a pure life brotherhood, paintings placed on the stage platform expressed real images of destruction in Syria.

In the events of the exhibition, the actors turn the paintings to show paintings representing reconstruction and reconstructed buildings to be a vivid example of reality, while songs of Fairouz were played.MINBIC-VEKRINA-PESENGIHE1 ‫(102105604)‬ ‫‬

At the end of the show, one of the girls who acted in the play sang a song “My Country, I Write Your Name,”lasting for 15 minutes, and the exhibition ended with audience standing and warm applause.

After the presentation, poems were delivered, including a poem by Ibrahim al-Mustafa, which has also spoke about the ongoing war. The Culture and Art Committee directed the audience to the exhibition to cut the opening tape by the Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij city.

The exhibition has included many works of “copper”, drawings, handicrafts (wooden sculptures, wool, embroideries), furniture and ancient heritage clothing.