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Deir-ez-Zor ‘s liberated schools return to life

DEIR –EZ_ZOR –The Pedogoy and Education Committee at the Educational Complex  in Deir –ez-Zor Civil Council is still continuing  its work in opening schools and restoring life to the education process.

The  Pedagogy and Education committee has been opend at Educational Complex in al-Jazrat area since 22 February ,Opening many schools and received large numbers of students

The number of schools have opened so far are 81 Schools, distributed across all areas liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as follows: (schools in 14 Schools in al-Jazrat , 17 Schools Hussian Abd , 50 Schools in Abo-Kashab  ), and the total number of teachers reached 448 teachers, And the number of students returning to school seats reached 14378 students.

In this regard, our agency’s (ANHA)correspondent interviewed with the co-chair of the Pegagogy  Education Committee, Khadija al-Ahmad, who said: “Since the beginning of opening of the Educational Complex in al-Jazrat, we are doing our job to revive the educational process in the region from the rehabilitation and opening of the schools and the registration of students who have been deprived of education for several years due to the control of IS gangs on the region and turning schools into their headquarters and preventing education. “

She stressed that the educational process in the field of science and education is going well despite the short period in which they started work, and that they go on daily guided tours to schools to see the reality of education and know if there are any deficiencies or problems facing schools and teachers to work to avoid them.