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Depending on Ocelan’s recommendations…Youth of Manbij organized their ranks


MANBIJ- The young men and women of Manbij and its villages hastened to organize themselves after the liberation of their city, to be the nucleus of the community and its main engine, and days before the second youth conference, let us review the most outstanding achievements of the youth.ELI EL EBUD

Since the liberation of Manbij and the youth are working to organize themselves based on the recommendations of the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocelan, until they reached the current organization, and still continue to organize, where the vice of the co-chair of the committee of Youth and Sports Ali Ahmed Aboud, and the administrator of the Youth and Sports Committee Bdoor Ali explained the factors that contributed to develop the Youth.

Ali Ahmed Aboud spoke about the arrangement of the organization of the Youth and Sports Committee in Manbij city and its countryside “The youth and Sports Committee is related to (Youth Council of Manbij and its countryside, the Democratic Students Movement, the Sports Union, the Young Women) the number of the members become 800 members.

He added “The Society protection in Manbij and its countryside has been activated so that each neighborhood will protect itself, the most important activities carried out by young men and women are a 6-day cleaning campaign, wall decorating and blood donation campaign.”BIDUR ELI

Bedoor noted that the youth joined the campaign “The Homeland Is Ours, Liberation Is Our Promise”, and the campaign “Revolt”, and the campaign “Protect Yourself” and Folkloric parties, and organized themselves, and demonstrations for the leader of liberal peoples, Abdullah Ocelan, who taught young people how to organize demonstrations against the Turkish occupation.”

She added “The youth organized themselves based on the recommendations of the leader Abdullah Ocelan, and opened many intellectual courses and academies and a special academy for young women. The number of courses was 9 attended by about 200 trainees, including young men and women. And holding of the first conference of the Sports Union in Manbij. “

Work is under way in preparation for the second annual youth conference in the city of Manbij and is scheduled to take place on the 26th of this month.