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Derar: al-Raqqa liberation opportunity to implement fraternity of peoples 


QAMIŞLO– The co-chair of Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Riyad Derar said that the real act of administrating the city is for al-Raqqa young people themselves who must determine their fate and fulfill their achievements by their representatives in al-Raqqa Civil Council assuring that they would consolidate the concept of the federal system, and said “this is an opportunity to apply the concept of the democratic society and assure the fraternity of peoples.”

The statements of the co-chair of MSD Riyad Derar came in an interview Hawar news agency held with him about the role of their council in al-Raqqa, and what is demanded from al-Raqqa people.

The interview was as following:

In the beginning, how al-Raqqa liberation in your opinion affected on Syria in especial and the Middle East in general as it was IS mercenaries’ capital, and the mercenaries had a negative influence on the area?

Al-Raqqa city had been dominated by terrorist and extremist forces including Ahrar al-Sham and others that did not allow the local council to provide services, and the opposition’s representative abroad did not support them sufficiently and did not contribute to organizing the work of the institutions. Corruption also appeared as it enabled IS mercenaries to be accepted as rescuers, but they showed their ugly faces by their brutal practices against people as they made them live in a continuous state of fear so al-Raqqa liberation is an opportunity to revise and realize the meaning of unifying the country’s people and co-existence in addition to democratic constituent work.

On the expanded level, IS organization was not completely got rid of so we cannot say that IS mercenaries have come to end, and the world must be vigilant for new moves, especially that IS worked in the beginning as a company that would contribute in serving everybody.

After al-Raqqa city has been liberated from IS mercenaries, how MSD would organize the city due to its exposure to the fiercest massacres and practices at the hands of IS mercenaries?

MSD is working on organizing the people in order to achieve their goals of freedom and dignity, and enabling them to form the constitutions that would be able to protect their decisions taken by their local representatives so that the real act is for al-Raqqa people themselves who must determine their fate themselves, and fulfill their achievements by their representatives in al-Raqqa Civil Council as they are the ones who would achieve the aims of the liberation and start repairing the infrastructures and building in addition to returning the people to their homes.

You as MSD have a plan to spread your project all over the Syrian lands to form a democratic Syria, how your council would play its role in al-Raqqa, and how you would organize yourselves there?

We are preparing the staff that would take responsibilities, and organize the society to achieve the political and developmental aims in addition to defending itself and its decisions. We also contribute in consolidating the concept of the federal system that would determine the central decision, and contribute in the young people’s managing of the country their lives democratically. This is an opportunity to apply the concept of the democratic society and assuring the fraternity of peoples.

When al-Raqqa liberation campaign started, al-Raqqa Civil Council was formed including the area’s people and clans’ notables. Do you have a plan to help this council in the building process of the city, how the cooperation would be?

The knowledge has become expanded and the aims have been clearer fighting in the liberation’s battles. Today, everybody would work on expanding the Civil Council, and they would participate in the civil and political activities for the sake of building and developing the city in addition to returning security and safe to the area.

A last word that you would send to al-Raqqa people, all the Syrian people?

Al-Raqqa people have suffered a lot from negligence and oppression by the regime’s officials, and they are demanded to not allow for this style to be repeated, and they must take responsibilities and be vigilant in order to not return the representatives of extremism by other faces. This stage is the stage of vigilance and responsibility, and we are waiting for these from them.