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Documented: The relationship between IS and Turkey


The bordering cities have turned to sinks

NEWS DESK– the Turkish government predisposed all circumstances and possibilities for Daesh opening passages, securing training centers and artificial camps for emigrants. The documents Body of the Foreign Relations in al-Jazeera canton have found clearly show a strong relationship between Daesh and Turkey.

After rendition of Mosul city to Daesh in 2014, the mercenaries appeared clearly in Iraq, Syria and then all of the world that brought about many question marks. when People Protection Units and the Syria Democratic forces had liberated Rojava regions, they found a large number of documents that embody how much Daesh is closely related to Turkey.

In the same context, Body of the Foreign Relations in al Jazeera canton has prepared a detailed dossier about the relationship between Daesh and Turkey. The documents proved the mercenaries’ entry into the Syrian lands, trading oil between Turkey and Daesh and also Turkey supplying mercenaries with explosives.

This dossier is expected to be sent to international parties concerned with this issue.

The dossier is divided into many parts, the first is of the headquarters Daesh mercenaries were stationed in, particularly those neighboring Rojava and how the mercenaries used to cross the borders from and to Turkey.

9 Turkish identification cards were seized by the Foreign Body, these people came from Ruha, Orfa, Harran, Ceylan Pinar near the borders of Rojava and were issued in 2002, and 2009.

An old woman’s ID was found, proving that the mercenaries have brought their families as well to the Syrian lands, two other IDs were found of Ahmad Qasim and Arab Qasim, youths from Hama, these two identification cards were found in January 23, 2015.

Abdul Rahim Khaled, also called Abu Islam al-Gharib is another mercenary captivated by YPG in the clashes that broke out between YPG and the mercenaries in Til-Abyad . according to his confessions, most IS mercenaries are stationed in the bordering cities like Orfe, Dilok, Gaziantep.

Ibrahim noted that a big number of those areas join Daesh, and are assigned to do special tasks according to the Turkish MIT.

Another document is of Bako Hussein Bako who came from Aleppo, and his was sealed with Arfad camp stamp, the camp was supposedly opened in April 2015 to receive Syrian refugees fleeing to Turkey, it turned however into a center for training mercenaries.

A huge number of photos and videos were taken by the mercenaries as they travelled from Egypt to Turkey, many others were taken in the streets of Istanbul and Orfe, while they were full of joy and content in these photos.