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Documented, Turkey relations with IS

How explosives are smuggled to the mercenaries?


NEWS DESK – more facts are coming to light about the strong ties between IS and the Turkish state.

As presented in the first part of the dossier relations between IS and Turkey included trafficking oil, and training terrorists in Turkish-held camps, and mercenaries are allowed free movement in the Turkish cities.

In the 2nd part of the dossier, we are presenting the supply road Turkey is guaranteeing for IS, and letting in materials used in making explosives, and the facilities it grants them to cross to Syria.

The file prepared by the Foreign Relations body in Jazeera canton included documents People Protection Units came across, which are photos found in a mercenary’s mobile phone.

Photos taken show the mercenary captivated traveling on the Turkish airlines, and their free movements in the country is apparent in the many photos taken in parks and cafes, and some other photos were found in which the mercenary was in Rojava and behind him IS motto in the period IS occupied areas of Rojava.

Adding to those documents, in April 8, 2015, the mercenaries Iyad Rashid Younis, his wife Nafiaa Ibrahim with two children were granted a transit permission to Turkey and their phone numbers also were found.

Within the documents found, a transit permission from the so-called Barake province to Turkey was granted to a mercenary called Abu Sayid al-Halabi, with IS seal on it.

Some documents indicate that IS is leading a complicated transit operation on the Syrian-Turkish borders using a collaborative network on the Til Abyad-Orfe border gate.

The Turkish army watching, fertilizers and explosives are freely transferred

Other documents show how the mercenaries are using the land and aquatic border crossings freely to move and transfer fertilizers across Ceylan gate opposite to Til-Abyad to be used then in making explosives.

The document assured moving materials like sodium chlorate- potassium chlorate – Nitrocellulose A400 – Aluminum pigment – Aluminum paste – Aluminum powder across the al-Jalab river to Til-Abyad, considering that these materials are used in makin explosives.

In the last part of these documents, some confessions were made by the mercenaries YPG held captive during Kobani and Til-Abyad clashes.