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Does solar energy illuminate night  in al-Tabqa ?

AL_TABQA_ People ‘s municipality in al-Tabqa  area announced its intention to light the city as part of the project of decorating  al-Tabqa  area which it launched three months ago.

The municipality revealed that in cooperation with the Department of Energy in al-Tabqa as well as the supporting bodies is considering an ambitious plan aimed at lighting the main streets and public markets with solar energy.

The cost of the initial project is estimated at 25 million Syrian pounds, through which the solar cells are provided, not to mention the rehabilitation of the 700 light poles, some of which were severely damaged as a result of the military operations to the liberation of the city from IS gangs

The project is planned to include the main street area in full with the wide street in the middle al-Tabqa market to the center and from it to the entrance of the western and northern al-Tabqa area

The municipality said it was looking forward to expanding the project to include the entire city with its countryside.

If the success of this step, it will be considered the first time that the use of solar energy in the public sector, and comes after the plan of the Directorate of Energy in al-Tabqa area to start work rationing of electricity due to the significant decline in the level of water intake to Lake Euphrates after the Turkish authorities cut off the Euphrates Through dozens of storage dams.

It is worth mentioning that the people of al-Tabqa area had previously used solar panels as an alternative to electricity Euphrates Dam, which was destroyed by IS gangs in conjunction with the liberation of the city