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 DUP silent about the massacres they are partners in

QMAISHLO-The General Assembly of the Democratic Union

Party (DUP) pointed out that all world powers silent about the massacres of the Turkish occupation are partners in these massacres. “Resistance of the times is victorious”

The General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party (DUP) held a press conference in the presence of several media. At the beginning of the conference, the party issued a statement was read by co-chair  of the party ‘s Aishya Hassou, in front of the party headquarters in Qamishlo city

The statement said

“Two weeks have passed since the resistance of the times in Afrin. This popular resistance and the heroism of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG , YPJ ) and the whole of SyrianDemocratic Forces (SDF)are continuing to stand alone in the face of the ugliest war crime of the modern century. Massacreswere committed by the Turkish occupation army with twenty-five thousand mercenaries and terrorists from ( Jabhit al-Nusra branch of  al-Qaeda in Syria IS gangs terrorist) They use the most destructive weapons, and used them to use internationally prohibited weapons. The napalm was used on 28th of last month and the cluster bombs were fired on Janders on the 30th of the same month.

Targeting the houses of worship and health centers, the bombing of schools and the shelling of Midanki Dam. To date, dozens of victims, mostly civilians, children, women and the elderly have been killed. Most of the civilians are Syrians who have fled to safe and stable Afran from areas of tension and violence. He wants to intimidate civilians and undermine life and end all forms of security in Afrin and the means of livelihood of the people and civilians, and the old goal of modern is to give the maximum opportunity to live to organize a supporter of the terrorist, which became the other face of the Turkish regime and then embark on another crime is a demographic change. One of them focuses on the other.

They are basically driven by the same mentality and the same methods. The terrorist who destroyed some of the monuments in Palmyra, the Turkish occupation aircraft destroys the ruins of a Roman castle, Hory, Semaan and Ain Dara, dating back to the first millennium B.C. They follow the tyrannical methods of Nero, Hitler and others.

We at the General Council of the Democratic UnioniParty (DUP), while applauding the resistance of the times in Afrin, which will enter its third week and recall the greatness of martyrdom and martyrs who sacrificed their blood as an example of honor and heroism, as well as the martyr Avista Khabur, we condemn the international silence that continues to make the international community and its public and official opinion The United Nations, the General Assembly, the Security Council, the International Coalition, the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League and all civil society organizations are partners in the horrific crimes and massacres perpetrated by the Turkish State and its mercenaries. Silence Since the Turkish state has passed in Geha and violating the United Nations charters which confirm that the Turkish state is occupied.

We also appeal to all the Kurdish forces and parties and the democratic forces in Syria, the region and the world that the issue of Afrin is the issue of Syria, the Kurdish people and all the forces that believe in the justice of this issue, and to see that the Afrin issue is the Kurdish issue. The Afrin issue is the national democratic Syrian issue, Democratic federalism is the most disturbing of the Turkish fascist regime and the totalitarian regimes that have suffered from the tyranny of tyranny and the time of democratic change in which people suffer their freedom, as do the people of Syria and its various peoples. We turn once again to not hesitate to deliver the voice of resistance to Afrin by all peaceful means appropriate to this resistance. We are determined today, like yesterday, that we have two choices: a democratic, honorable peace, or the continuation of our honorable democratic revolution, which was crowned with victory through the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs and through the efforts of the forces, parties, personalities and community activities of all the people of Rojava and northern and eastern Syria. And that the resistance of the times in Afrin is victorious. “

General Council of the Democratic Union Party (DUP)