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Electricity Department is about to complete a precautionary measure to protect electrical transformers

ALTABQA– The electricity Department in al-Jernia town west of al-Tabqa city is about to complete c the installation of a 10 amp circuit breaker in the town and its countryside.

The move, which began about two weeks ago in the town and its countryside, aims at preventing the waste of electricity and using it negatively.

Since the return of electricity to the town, a number of electrical transformers have been burned due to excessive load resulting from excessive use of electricity.

In order to preserve the electrical transformers, the electricity department in al-Jernia town decided to install a 10-amp circuit breaker in each house to control electricity consumption.

The decision was welcomed by the people.

According to the workshop worker in the electricity department, Hassan al-Ali, “the repair workshop is close to the completion of the installation of 10 amps for each participant in electricity, where there are only about 15 villages left.”