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Electricity reaches whole al-Tabqa city, Turkey tries to spoil people’s joy


AL-TABQA -Maintenance workshops at the Directorate of Energy of the Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa area have restored electricity to the whole al-Tabqa city after months of continuous work, in a move that has been welcomed by al-Tabqa’s people who the Turkish state is trying to deprive them from benefiting of the Euphrates dam.TEPQA-CEILAN-BAJAR-BI-GISTI-BI-KARTINE-1-300x200

Al-Awal neighborhood was the last neighborhood to be electrified by the 13 neighborhoods of the city of al-Tabqa

It took about 8 months of continuous work to coordinate the management of the Euphrates dam in the city of al-Tabqa and the maintenance workshops at the Energy Directorate.

The operation began in several stages, starting with the repair of three turbines in the Euphrates dam, followed by repair of the transfer station and the distribution yard and extended to the maintenance of cables and electric poles in the city.

At the last step, maintenance workshops repaired the electric transformer that feeds the first neighborhood in al-Tabqa, culminating in a painstaking effort made by the workshops for eight consecutive months since liberation of al-Tabqa in May 10.

At the beginning of the lighting of the electricity, the city was fueled by electricity throughout the day, but the Turkish authorities to reserve the Euphrates River within the territory under its control, pushed the Department of Energy in al-Tabqa to standardize the hours of feeding al-Tabqa with electricity, cutting electricity for 10 to 12 hours a day.

This is expected to reach the electricity to the entire countryside of al-Tabqa After being delivered to the town of the north-west of al-Tabqa in Directorate of Energy to deliver electricity to al-Mansoura town in the south-eastern countryside of al-Tabqa.