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Erdogan terrorist engineer”



NEWS DESK –A Member of the General Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party  (KDP) in Syria, Fathallah Hassou Erdogan, a terrorist engineer, and said that working with the coalition today has a hand in the attacks on Afrin.

Hawar news agency( ANHA ) held interview with a member of the General Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Fathallah Hassou said, “As I wrote the resistance of Kubani history of the Kurds, the people of Afrin will once again repeat the history of the Kurdish championship with gold letters. Turkey is trying to target the Kurdish people directly in all parts of the world, a country against the right and rights of the Kurdish people. “

And between Fatahallah that the Turkish state and Basur Kurdistan have made several strategic agreements and Turkey has established several military bases in Ashur, and when the Kurdistan region declared the first referendum to reject the process was the Turkish state, “when announced Basur Kurdistan agreed to the Turkish state with Iraq and Iran to stand against the referendum, “It was a lesson for theBasur Kurdistan that the Turks have no mercy on the Kurds.”

Erdogan is a terrorist engineer

In his speech, Fathallah said that the Turkish state was challenging the Kurdish people in Rojava and North Syria to get rid of the Autonomous Adminnstration project that included all the components of North Syria The terrorist engineer Erdogan sent mercenary gangs from all over the world to Syria and formed several terrorist groups to attack the Rojava The Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) have repulsed all attacks and liberated vast areas of Syrian geography from the hands of extremist groups and thus Syria Democartic Forces (SDF)have thwarted the Turkish plans for occupation in the region.

Attack on Afrin to break the will of the Kurdish people

Fatahallah said that they expected that the Turkish state will attack the areas of Afrin because it is safe areas and has not experienced any crisis since the control of the People’s and Women ‘s ProtectionUnits (YPG , YPJ ) and after the success of the nation’s democratic project attacked Erdogan with his mercenaries warplanes and guns on civilians comes attack on the land of Afrin to break the will of the Kurdish people and the region Succeeded in the project of the democratic nation led to Erdogan’s horror that the project is witnessing great development.

Fathallah pointed out that the Kurdish people and all the peoples of North Syria did not rely on the international state and did not put the right of fate in the hands of anyone, but the people relied on the self and the will, self-reliance and Autonomous Administration is the cause of our victories.

Adlib  Replacement Agreement in Afrin

“The attacks on Afrin today come after the Russian-Turkish agreement. The two sides agreed to swap Adlib with Afrin. Today, Erdogan and his terrorist gangs are attacking planes and artillery on a safe area that has embraced thousands of displaced people from all parts of Syria. Today Erdogan is the murderer of Syrian children and dozens of women.”

Fathallah noted that Erdogan’s attacks today on Afrin are to break the will of the Kurdish people and their democratic project. “Erdogan targeted the people of Diyarbakr and Nisibin by warplanes  and today in Afrin the same plan, but under another pretext.”

Whoever works with the coalition has a hand in the attacks on Afrin

On the practices of the Kurdish National Council against the Kurdish people, Fathallah said: “If the National Council is a truly Kurdish Council, they should today clarify their position on the attacks on Afrin. Today, comrades in the coalition who are now talking to Erdogan about terrorist attacks against the Afrin people, The coalition, the day that takes its place in the coalition is working for the benefit of the Turkish state and against the Kurdish people and these actions can not be accepted.

He appealed to a member of the General Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party ( KDP)in Syria Fathallah Hassou all Kurdish parties to unite against the Turkish aggression and mercenaries and join the ranks of people ‘s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG , YPJ ) and Syrian Democratic Forces( SDF)