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Erdogan threatens Cyprus

NEWS DESK – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Cyprus to continue drilling for oil off the Mediterranean coast of Cyprus.

Erdogan said in the Turkish parliament “We are warning those who are crossing their borders in the Aegean Sea, Cyprus is making the wrong calculations.”.

Erdogan also threatened foreign companies that are drilling offshore Cyprus, “We advise them not to be a tool in the work beyond its limits and strength.”

This comes at a time when Turkish warships are blocking the Cypriot government from drilling for oil in the eastern Mediterranean.

For its part, Egypt had warned Turkey, last week, of trying to prejudice Egypt’s sovereignty over its economic zone in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Aegean Sea is a 643.5 km long and 322 km long bridge between the Greek and Anatolian Peninsula, connected to the Sea of Marmara by the Dardanelles Strait, overlooking Turkey and Greece.

Erdogan threatens all his neighboring countries and launches attacks in various regions by supporting al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, as happened in Egypt and Libya, and what is happening in Syria and Iraq, and seeks through al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire, which occupied the region for 400 years.

Turkey has been carrying out aggression against Afrin Syrian since 20 January, and the Turkish aggression has resulted in the loss of 160 civilians for their lives and injuring more than 400 others.