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Erdogan threatens Europe with terrorism

NEWS DESK– The Turkish regime has threatened to stop cooperation with Europe in the fight against terrorism and immigration files unless it accepts membership in the European Union. US intelligence officers told the BuzzFeed website that there are smuggling nets inside Turkey that transport terrorists to Europe by land or by sea and help to keep them alive.

Turkey will reject any offer in a partnership with the European Union less than full membership, Turkish- European affairs minister said on Friday, noting that the current situation does not give Turkey any reason to continue implementing the immigration agreement.

The Turkish minister claimed that the European Union “does not respect all the provisions of an agreement aimed at stopping the flow of migrants in western Turkey in return for support to Ankara, including financial assistance worth 3 billion euros.”

The London based al-Arab newspaper said observers considered the Turkish threats, as political blackmail, especially as the countries of the continent granted Turkey the rank of privileged partner without granting full membership.

An investigation carried out by the widespread BuzzFeed website revealed that some smuggling networks are being managed from different parts of Turkey, such as Istanbul, and that these networks are smuggling people later to Europe via land or sea, or through complex operations inside Turkish land.

US intelligence officers told the site that this type of smuggling is helping to encourage the continuation of IS.

European representatives recently expressed concern about the deterioration of the rule of law, human rights, freedom of the press and the fight against corruption in Turkey after the failed coup attempt in July 2016. The arrest of thousands of opponents of Erdogan and Kurdish politicians and activists increased the gap between Turkey and the European Union.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz reiterated his country’s rejection of Turkey’s entry into the European Union, adding that Ankara could not be a member of the EU as long as it continued its current policy.

Kurtz added “We see serious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Turkey “