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Expressionist paintings of women in” Mourning came from afar” exhibition



AFRIN- The paintings exhibited at the Art and Culture Center in Afrin province had a special character for women. The paintings included symbols of the role of working rural women, women’s liberation from restrictions, and paintings that integrate Eastern and Western women.EFRIN-WENE-XEZ ‫(183960065)‬ ‫‬

The themes of the paintings were displayed at the “Mourning came from afar” exhibition, which was opened yesterday at the Culture and Art Center in Afrin canton, Afrin region.

The topics of the paintings revolve around the Afrin heritage, with its buildings and olive reaching the Kurdish women who were characterized by their love and adherence to their land and

management of the society. The most important of these is the rural woman model, who goes early to the fields carrying agriculture tools, as well as paintings depicting women’s liberation from worn-out restrictions and the mother’s affection for her children.

The Hawar news agency camera has wandered around the exhibition and took pictures of several paintings symbolizing women, including a painting of a woman returning from work on her land carrying agricultural tools on her shoulder and wearing a country dress looking lovingly to her land.biharin ebd mecid

In an interview with a participator in the exhibition and the painting’s owner(Baharin Abdul Majid) said: “when I drew this painting, I wanted to show Afrin women working filled with passion for the soil and olives of their country, which is characterized by love for her work where the woman was known for her work in the fields and self-reliance, working in land carrying her tools and looking back a loving look to the soil of the earth eager to return to work the next day.

It was also interesting to see a hanging painting pointing to a proud woman holding both hands up, freed from the restrictions she had lived under for long periods. Buharin said about the content of the painting entitled “The Struggling Woman” women in general and the Kurdish ones were considerably persecuted and oppressed, in light of the world’s successive wars in addition to the customs and traditions inherited.

The painting connotation is that the woman was able to face all this and fight the authoritarian mindset and was able to prove herself in all areas, and the red color throughout the painting indicates the color of blood in reference to women’s blood who have been killed, and small houses scattered in the painting indicates what can be seen between the lines in homes and the nature of her life”.

In addition to these paintings, there was a painting that had a special characteristic of a woman sitting in the clothes of a modern or western woman and hugging her child. Buharin commented on this painting by saying “the painting was combined between Eastern and Western women, to indicate the mother’s love and affection for her child, whether Eastern or Western, for her child irrespective what her sect or affiliations. “zilan sileman

The exhibition also included a painting with the faces of two women trapped by the restrictions, and birds circling around them and said the plotter of the painting and participator in the exhibition Zilan Suleiman “I wanted to emphasize in this painting the liberation of women from all the restrictions that captivate them, foremost of which was the intellectual freedom through her struggle, and she managed to prove herself in all fields ”exhibition,” she said.