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‘Êzidî Assembly is symbol of Êzidîs”

TIRBESPIYÊ – Executive of Şingal Assembly Herbo Xizir Merdos noted that establishment of the assembly became a symbol of all Êzidîs (Yazidi)’ will both in Kurdistan and other places of the world. “It is a symbol especially associated with those who resist in Şingal. This attempt will prevent all threats on existence and future of the Êzidîs” said Merdos.

In an interview with ANHA, Merdos drew attention to the latest discussions on the establishment of the assembly on January 14, 2015 and with attendance of 200 members from many organizations and parties and Êzidî community. Merdos said it was a historical step for all Êzidîs in Kurdistan and around the world.

The assembly was estabilshed with attendance of YNK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), TEV-DA (Êzidîs’ Democratic and Free Movement) and Kurdistan Communist Party.

Merdos also stressed that “The aim of establishing this assembly is to protect Êzidîs and prevent the 75th genocide attempt. It is a formation of free will of the Êzidîs. Some news agencies do anti-propaganda and say the aim is to seperate Şingal from South Kurdistan. There is no such an aim. We are and will be a part of South Kurdistan. The assembly aims to protect all the Êzidîs and thus is open to all parties to take part in the assembly”.

At the end of the interview, he called on all Ezidîs to support the assembly for protecting their existence, culture and unity.